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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 543 -JULY 8, 1946 Transportation of dependents. Per diem rates of allowance. Use of receipts for expenditures. Transportation of dependents, etc. for enlistment at home and abroad, transportation of prisoners, and insane supernumerary patients to hospitals, all with subsistence and transfers en route or cash in lieu thereof; expenses of funeral escorts of naval personnel and apprehension and delivery of deserters and stragglers, and for railway, steamship, and airway guides and expenses incident to transportation; transportation of dependents of officers and enlisted personnel, including those of retired and Reserve officers, and of retired and Reserve enlisted personnel of grades entitled to transportation of dependents in the Regular Navy when ordered to active duty (other than training) and upon release therefrom; for actual expenses of officers and midshipmen while on shore-patrol duty, including the hire of automobiles when necessary for the use of the shore-patrol detachment; for all necessary expenses for recruiting for the naval service, including lodging and subsistence of applicants, rent of rendezvous and expenses of maintaining the same, and adver- tising for and obtaining men; total transportation, $79,000,000: Provided, That the Secretary, in prescribing per diem rates of allow- ance in accordance with law is hereby authorized to prescribe such per diem, whether or not orders are given to officers for travel to be performed repeatedly between two or more places in the same vicinity and without regard to the length of time away from their designated posts of duty under such orders, and also the actual and necessary expenses or per diem in lieu thereof as he may determine and approve for naval personnel on special duty in foreign countries, including per diem allowances, not exceeding $7, to naval personnel of, or under training for, the Naval Air Transport Service while on such duty or training away from their permanent stations. MAINTENANCE, BUREAU OF SUPPLIES AND ACCOUNTS For equipage, supplies, and services under the cognizance of the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, including scientific investigations, commissions, interest, and exchange; ferriage and bridge tolls, includ- ing streetcar fares; rent of buildings and offices not in navy yards for naval purposes, not otherwise provided for; accident prevention; services of civilian employees under the cognizance of the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts; packing, unpacking, and local handling, as authorized by law, of household goods and effects of civilian and naval personnel of the Naval Establishment; ice and mechanical devices for cooling drinking water on shore (except at naval hospitals and shops at industrial navy yards); $212,000,000: Provided, That without deposit to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States and with- drawal on money requisitions, receipts of public moneys from sales or other sources by officers of the Navy and Marine Corps on disbursing duty and charged in their official accounts may be used by them as required for current expenditures, all necessary bookkeeping adjust- ments of appropriations, funds, and accounts to be made in the settle- ment of their disbursing accounts: Providedfurther, That during the fiscal year 1947 the dependents and household effects of such civilian and naval personnel of the Naval Establishment (without regard to rank or grade) on duty at stations outside the continental limits of the United States, or m Alaska, as may be determined upon by the Secretary, may, prior or subsequent to the issuance of orders for the relief of such personnel from their stations, or subsequent to the dis- charge or release of such personnel from active service, be moved (including packing and unpacking of household effects) from such locations outside the continental limits of the United States, or in Alaska, to such locations in continental United States as may be designated by such personnel, by the use of either Government or commercial means of transportation, and later from such locations to 488 [60 STAT.