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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 Deportation of nonresident insane: For all necessary expenses for deportation of nonresident insane persons, as provided by law, includ- ing persons held in the psychopathic ward of the Gallinger Municipal Hospital, including personal services; books of reference; and printing and binding; $45,000. The disbursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance to the Director of Public Welfare, upon requisitions pre- viously approved by the Anditor of the District and upon such secu- rity as the Commissioners may require of said Director, sums of money to be used for placing and visiting children; returning escaped prisoners, conditional releases, and parolees; and deportation of non- resident insane persons; the total of such advancements not to exceed $2,000 at any one time. PUBLIC WORKS Office of chief clerk: For all expenses for the office of chief clerk, including personal services; books of reference and periodicals; print- ing and binding; maintenance and repair of wharves; and $750 for affiliation with the National Saftey Council, Incorporated; $42,000. Office of Municipal Architect: For all expenses necessary for the Office of Municipal Architect, including personal services, books of reference and periodicals, and printing and binding, $80,000. All apportionments of appropriations for the use of the Office of Municipal Architect in payment of personal services employed on con- struction work provided for by said appropriations shall be based on an amount not exceeding 3 per centum of a total of not more than $2,000,000 of appropriations made for such construction projects and not exceeding 23/ per centum of a total of the appropriations in excess of $2,000,000, and appropriations specifically made in this Act for the preparation of plans and specifications shall be deducted from any allowances authorized under this paragraph: Provided, That reim- bursements may be made to this fund from appropriations contained in this Act for services rendered other activities of the District govern- ment, without reference to fiscal-year limitations on such appropria- tions. Operating expenses, Office of Superintendent of District Buildings: For all expenses necessary for care of the District buildings, including personal services, rental of postage meter equipment, uniforms and caps for guards, and printing and binding, $548,200. Surveyor's office: For all expenses necessary for the surveyor's office, including personal services, books of reference and periodicals, and printing and binding, $108,900. Department of Inspections: For all expenses necessary for the Department of Inspections, including the enforcement of the Act requiring the erection of fire escapes on certain buildings (48 Stat. 843) and the removal of dangerous or unsafe and insanitary buildings (34 Stat. 157; 49 Stat. 105); such expenses to include two members of the plumbing board at $150 per annum each; two members of the board of examiners, steam engineers, at $300 per annum each (the inspector of boilers to serve without additional compensation); $6 per diem to each member of board of survey, other than the inspector of buildings, while actually employed in surveys of such dangerous and unsafe buildings; three members of board of special appeal and two members of electrical examining board at $300 per annum each; and other per- sonal services; books of reference and periodicals; and printing and binding; $421,100. Operating expenses, Electrical Division: For all expenses neces- sary for the operation and maintenance of the District's communica- tion systems, including personal services, and printing and binding; 515 Advances to Diree- tor of Public Welfare. Pod, p. Se6. Basis of apportion- ment. Reimbursementa Fire escapes. D. C. Code f 5-301 to 5-312 . D. C. Code 11 5-M to 5-615, 5-501 to 5-605; Supp. V, i 5-O to 5-614 .