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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS. -CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 fund to other appropriations for the District of Columbia the fol- lowing sums: $9,775 to "General administration" (Office of Cor- poration Counsel); $21,800 to "Fiscal service" (Collector's Office $4,555; Auditor's Office, $12,720; Purchasing Division, $4,525) ; $4,000 to "Salaries and expenses, Office of Chief Clerk"; $8,797 to "Operating expenses, Office of Superintendent of District Buildings"; $2,028 to "Operating expenses, Electrical Division"; $607,500 to "Metropolitan Police"; and $32,000 to "National Capital Parks"; in all, $685,900. Refunding erroneous collections (payable from highway fund): To enable the Commissioners to refund collections erroneously covered into the Treasury during the present and past three fiscal years to the credit of the highway fund, $1,500: Provided, That this appro- priation shall not be available for refunds authorized by section 10 43 sta t . 10O. of the Act of April 23, 1924. 190.oe Operating expenses, Refuse Division: For all expenses necessary for collection and disposal of refuse and street cleaning, including personal services; printing and binding; books of reference and periodicals; repair and maintenance of plants, buildings, and grounds; and fencing of public and private property designated by the Com- missioners as public dumps; $2,726,400: Provided, That this appro- priation shall not be available for collecting ashes or miscellaneous refuse from hotels and places of business or from apartment houses of four or more apartments having a central heating system, or from any building or connected group of buildings operated as a rooming, boarding, or lodging house having a total of more than twenty-five rooms. Capital outlay, Refuse Division: For an additional amount for construction of proposed incinerator numbered 3 for refuse in parcel 141/13, including $8,850 for construction services, $283,000; for an additional amount for construction of a refuse transfer station on land owned by the District of Columbia in square 739 and on land to be acquired adjacent thereto for the transfer of city refuse from collection units to hauling units for transportation to remote dis- posal points, including $4,440 for construction services, $139,000; in all $422,000. Operating expenses, Sewer Division: For all expenses necessary for operating the District's system of sewage disposal; cleaning and repairing sewers and basins; operation and maintenance of the sewage pumping service and sewage treatment plant, including repairs to equipment, machinery, and structures; maintenance of public con- venience stations; control and prevention of the spread of mosquitoes in the District of Columbia; and pro rata contribution of the District Interstate Commi- of Columbia to the expenses of the Interstate Commission on the r Basin. Potomac River Basin in accordance with Act of July 11, 1940 (54 33U.s.C.is1b. Stat. 748) ; such expenses to include personal services; books of refer- ence and periodicals; and printing and binding, $915,500. Capital outlay, Sewer Division: For construction of sewers and Ant, p. 188 receiving basins- for assessment and permit work; for purchase or condemnation of rights-of-way for construction, maintenance, and repair of public sewers, $1,000; for preparation of plans and specifi- cations for constructing chemical treatment, sludge drying, and in- cineration facilities at the sewage treatment plant, $45,000; and for the preparation of surveys, plans and specifications in connection with the construction of storm-water sewers, $25,000; in all, $1,900,000, and in the preparation of such surveys, plans and specifications, the Commissioners are authorized to employ consultants and other professional services by contract or otherwise, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, and civil-service and classifica- P41U.Sa i tion laws: Provided, That not to exceed $65,000 of the unexpended Reapropriaton. balance of the appropriation for "Capital outlay, Sewer Division", 519