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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 High and Second High reservoirs; McMillan filter plant improve- ments; utility relocations and plant interconnections at Dalecarlia; new mixing and sedimentation basins for the Dalecarlia filter plant (first half); thirty million gallon clear water basin at Dalecarlia (first third); and the United States Engineer Office, District Engineer, is authorized to enter into contract or contracts for the completion of the two last above-named projects at a total cost of not to exceed, respectively, $967,000 and $1,250,000; and for developing increased water supply for the District of Columbia and environs; and all nec- essary expenses incident thereto; including engineering and other professional services by contract or otherwise, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and civil-service and classification laws; 41U.S. . 5. $1,980,000, to continue available until expended. P,p89. Nothing herein shall be construed as affecting the superintendence and control of the Secretary of War over the Washington aqueduct, its rights, appurtenances, and fixtures connected with the same, and over appropriations and expenditures therefor as now provided by law. NATIONAL GUARD For all expenses necessary for the National Guard of the District P t ,P616- of Columbia, including personal services; expenses of attendance at meetings of associations pertaining to the National Guard; books of reference and periodicals; printing and binding; expenses of camps, including hire of horses for officers required to be mounted, and for the payment of commutation of subsistence for enlisted men who may be detailed to guard or move the United States property at home stations on days immediately preceding and immediately following the annual encampments; damages to private property incident to encampment; reimbursement to the United States for loss of property for which the District of Columbia may be held responsible; cleaning and repairing uniforms, arms, and equipment; instruction, purchase, and maintenance of athletic, gymnastic, and recreational equipment at armory or field encampments; practice marches, drills, and parades; rent of armories, drill halls, and storehouses; care and repair of armories, offices, storehouses, machinery, and dock, includ- ing dredging alongside of dock; construction of buildings for storage and other purposes at target range; maintenance and operation of passenger-carrying motor vehicles; $13,600, to be expended under the direction of the commanding general. NATIONAL CAPITAL PARKS For all expenses necessary for the National Capital Parks, including maintenance, care, and improvement of public parks, grounds, foun- tains, and reservations, propagating gardens and greenhouses, and the tourists' camp on its present site in East Potomac Park under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service; placing and maintaining portions of the parks in condition for outdoor sports, erection of stands, furnishing and placing of chairs, and services incident thereto in connection with national, patriotic, civic, and recreational functions held in the parks, including the President's Cup Regatta, and expenses incident to the conducting of band concerts in the parks; such expenses to include personal services; pay and allowances of the United States Park Police force; per diem employees at rates of pay approved by the Secretary of the Interior, not exceeding current rates of pay for similar employment in the District of Columbia: lawbooks, books of reference, and periodicals; printing and binding- uniforming and equipping the United States Park Police force, including $225 for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail as required by 521 60 STAT.]