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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 583 -JULY 16, 1946 Gases, etc. Part-time employ- ment of scientists, etc. Construction of buildings, etc. Special gas troops. Chemical warfare training. ROCK ISLAND BRIDGE, ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS For operating, repair, and preservation of Rock Island bridges and viaduct, and maintenance and repair of the arsenal street con- necting the bridges, $69,000. CHEMICAL WARFARE SERVICE For purchase, manufacture, and test of chemical warfare gases or other toxic substances, incendiary materials and munitions, gas masks, or other offensive or defensive materials or appliances required for chemical warfare purposes, investigations, research, design, experi- mentation, and operation, purchase of chemicals, special scientific and technical apparatus and instruments, including services con- nected therewith; for the payment of part-time or intermittent employment of such scientists and technicists as may be contracted for by the Secretary of War, in his discretion, at a rate of pay not exceeding $40 per diem for any person so employed; for the purchase, maintenance, repair, and operation of freight- and passenger- carrying motor vehicles; construction, maintenance, and repair of plants, buildings, and equipment, and the machinery therefor; receiv- ing, storing, and issuing of supplies, comprising police and office duties, rents, tolls, fuels, gasoline, lubricants, paints and oils, rope and cord- age, light, water, advertising, stationery, typewriting and computing machines including their exchange, office furniture, tools, and instru- ments; for incidental expenses; for civilian employees; for libraries of the Chemical Warfare Service and subscriptions to periodicals; for expenses incidental to the organization, training, and equipment of special gas troops not otherwise provided for, including the train- ing of the Army in chemical warfare, both offensive and defensive, together with the necessary schools, tactical demonstrations, and maneuvers; for current expenses of chemical projectile filling plants and proving grounds, including construction and maintenance of rail transportation, repairs, alterations, accessories, building and repair- ing butts and targets, clearing and grading ranges; $25,900,000. SPECIAL SERVICE SCHOOLS Infantry School: For supplies, services, and other expenses essential in conducting instruction at the Infantry School, $400,000; Cavalry activities: For the purchase of textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers, instruments, and materials for instruction; employment of temporary, technical, special, and clerical services; and for other necessary expenses of instruction at the Cavalry School, Fort Riley, Kansas; and for the instruction of the Army in cavalry activities; $100,000; Field Artillery activities: For the pay of employees; the purchase of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and newspapers; procurement of sup- plies, materials, and equipment for instruction purposes; and other expenses necessary in the operation of the Field Artillery School of the Army, and for the instruction of the Army in Field Artillery activities; $640,000; Coast Artillery activities: For supplies, services, and other expenses essential in conducting instruction at the Coast Artillery Schools, including maintenance, operation, and repair of passenger-carrying vehicles, $124,000; In all, special service schools, $1,264,000, to be accounted for as one fund. 554 [60 STAT.