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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 591-JULY 23,1946 Ante, p. 137. Transfer of funds. Post, p . 916. Prior approval. Ante, pp . 135,136. Reimbursement. Ante, p. 137. Construction of dip- lomatic, etc., estab- lishments. 62 Stat. 441 . such Act, nor shall any part of this appropriation be available for expanding any public works project authorized by law to be replaced or rehabilitated beyond such as may be justified by sound engineering practice and which can be accomplished within the amount authorized to be appropriated: Providedfurther, That the total amount that may be obligated for the entire accomplishment of section 307 (a) of title III of such Act shall not exceed $8,000,000: Provided further, That the Secretary of State, or such official as he may designate, is author- ized to transfer from any of the foregoing amounts to any department or independent establishment of the Government for participation in the foregoing programs, sums for expenditure by such department or establishment for the purposes hereof, and sums so transferred shall be available for expenditure in accordance with the provisions hereof and, to the extent determined by the Secretary of State, in accordance with the law governing expenditures of the department or independent establishment of the Government for ther, That transfers of funds to participating agencies for the pro- grams set forth in sections 302 to 305 of the Act shall be approved by the President prior to such transfers: Provided further, That sums from the foregoing applicable appropriation may be transferred directly to and merged with the appropriations contemplated in sec- tion 306 (b) of the Act to reimburse said latter appropriations for expenditures therefrom for the purposes hereof: Provided further, That the construction of diplomatic and consular establishments of the United States in the Philippine Islands shall be without regard to the proviso contained in twenty-two United States Code 295a. TREASURY DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY Refunds under Renegotiation Act: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to make the refunds during the fiscal year 1947, including refunds for prior years, required by section 403 (a) (4) (D) (relating to the recomputation of the amortization deduction) and by the last 8 Stat. supp. sentence of section 403 (i) (3) (relating to excess inventories) of the 50 U. S. C., Supp. Vr,app. 191'. Renegotiation Act; and to refund any amount finally adjudged or determined to have been erroneously collected by the United States pursuant to a unilateral determination of excessive profits, with such interest thereon (at a rate not to exceed 4 per centum per annum) as may be adjudged or determined to be owing in law or equity; $15,000,000, together with the unused portion of the $15,000,000 author- 59 stat. 90 . ized for this purpose in the First Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1945: Reimbursement. Provided,That to the extent refunds are made from this appropriation of excessive profits collected under the Renegotiation Act and retained by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or the appropriate subsidiary Certification of shall reimburse this appropriation: Provided further, That the War mount. Contracts Price Adjustment Board or its duly authorized representa- tive shall certify the amount of any refund to be made in pursuance hereof to the Secretary of the Treasury who shall make payment upon such certificate in lieu of any voucher which might otherwise be required. Ante, p. 669. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF CLERK Salaries: For an additional amount for "Salaries, Office of the Chief Clerk", fiscal year 1947, including the objects specified under this head in the Treasury Department Appropriation Act, 1947, $11,500. a 622 [60 STAT. I