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79TH CONG. , 2 D SESS.-CH. 724-AUG. 1, 1946 as such from the ores in which it was contained. If the Commission requires the delivery of such material to it, it shall pay to the person mining or extracting the same, or to such other person as the Com- mission determines to be entitled thereto, such sums, including profits, as the Commission deems fair and reasonable for the discovery, min- ing, development, production, extraction, and other services performed with respect to such material prior to such delivery, but such pay- ment shall not include any amount on account of the value of such material before removal from its place of deposit in nature. If the Commission does not require delivery of such material to it, the reser- vation made pursuant to this paragraph shall be of no further force or effect. (c) BYPRODUCT MATERIALS.- (1) DEFINITION. -AS used in this Act, the term "byproduct mate- rial" means any radioactive material (except fissionable material) yielded in or made radioactive by exposure to the radiation incident to the processes of producing or utilizing fissionable material. (2) DISTRIBUTION.- T he Commission is authorized to distribute, with or without charge, byproduct materials to applicants seeking such materials for research or development activity, medical therapy, indus- trial uses, or such other useful applications as may be developed. In distributing such materials, the Commission shall give preference to applicants proposing to use such materials in the conduct of research and development activity or medical therapy. The Commission shall not distribute any byproduct materials to any applicant, and shall recall any distributed materials from any applicant, who is not equipped to observe or who fails to observe such safety standards to protect health as may be established by the Commission or who uses such materials in violation of law or regulation of the Commission or in a manner other than as disclosed in the application therefor. (d) GENERAL PROVISIONS.-T he Commission shall not- (1) distribute any fissionable material to (A) any person for a use which is not under or within the jurisdiction of the United States, (B) any foreign government, or (C) any person within the United States if, in the opinion of the Commission, the distri- bution of such fissionable material to such person would be inimical to the common defense and security. (2) license any person to transfer or deliver, receive possession of or title to, or export from the United States any source material if, in the opinion of the Commission, the issuance of a license to such person for such purpose would be inimical to the common defense and security. MILITARY APPLICATIONS OF ATOMIC ENERGY SEC. 6 (a) ATrrHOITY.-T he Commission is authorized to- (1) conduct experiments and do research and development work in the military application of atomic energy; and (2) engage in the production of atomic bombs, atomic bomb parts, or other military weapons utilizing fissionable materials; except that such activities shall be carried on only to the extent that the express consent and direction of the President of the United States has been obtained, which consent and direction shall be obtained at least once each year. The President from time to time may direct the Commission (1) to deliver such quantities of fissionable materials or weapons to the armed forces for such use as he deems necessary in the interest of national defense or (2) to authorize the armed forces to manufacture, produce, or acquire any equipment or device utilizing fissionable material or atomic energy as a military weapon. 763 Payments for dis covery, mining, etc. Preference. Restrictions. Restrictions. Distribution. Llense. Experiments, etc. Production of mili- tary weapons. Consent of Presi- dent. Delivery to armed forces. Manufacture of equipment, etc. 60 STAT.]