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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 724-AUG. 1, 1946 (b) PRoHIBrmmo.-It shall be unlawful for any person to manu- facture, produce, transfer, or acquire any equipment or device utilizing fissionable material or atomic energy as a military weapon, except as may be authorized by the Commission. Nothing in this subsection shall be deemed to modify the provisions of section 4 of this Act, or to prohibit research activities in respect of military weapons, or to permit the export of any such equipment or device. UTILIZATION OF ATOMIC ENERGY SEc. 7 . (a) LICENsE REQIusED.- It shall be unlawful, except as pro- vided in sections 5 (a) (4) (A) or (B) or 6 (a), for any person to manufacture, produce, or export any equipment or device utilizing fissionable material or atomic energy or to utilize fissionable material or atomic energy with or without such equipment or device, except under and in accordance with a license issued by the Commission authorizing such manufacture, production, export, or utilization. No license may permit any such activity if fissionable material is produced incident to such activity, except as provided in sections 3 and 4. uraoe Nothing in this section shall be deemed to require a license for the ment, et. conduct of research or development activities relating to the manufac- ture of such equipment or devices or the utilization of fissionable material or atomic energy, or for the manufacture or use of equipment or devices for medical therapy. (b) REPOBT TO CONGORES.- Whenever in its opinion any industrial, commercial, or other nonmilitary use of fissionable material or atomic energy has been sufficiently developed to be of practical value, the Commission shall prepare a report to the President stating all the facts with respect to such use, the Commission's estimate of the social, political, economic, and international effects of such use and the Com- mission's recommendations for necessary or desirable supplemental legislation. The President shall then transmit this report to the R oietno is Congress together with his recommendations. No license for any manufacture, production, export, or use shall be issued by the Commis- sion under this section until after (1) a report with respect to such manufacture, production, export, or use has been filed with the Con- gress; and (2) a period of ninety days in which the Congress was in session has elapsed after the report has been so filed. In computing such period of ninety days, there shall be excluded the days on which either House is not in session because of an adjournment of more than three days. (c) ISSUANCE OF LICENsEs. -A fter such ninety-day period, unless hereafter prohibited by law, the Commission may license such manu- facture, production, export, or use in accordance with such procedures and sub ject to such conditions as it may by regulation establish to tpp]i nm. ~ at- effectuate the provisions of this Act. The Commission is authorized and directed to issue licenses on a nonexclusive basis and to supply to the extent available appropriate quantities of fissionable material to licensees (1) whose proposed activities will serve some useful pur- pose proportionate to the quantities of fissionable material to be con- sumed; (2) who are equipped to observe such safety standards to protect health and to minimize danger from explosion or other hazard to life or property as the Commission may establish; and (3) who agree to make available to the Commission such technical information and data concerning their activities pursuant to such licenses as the Commission may determine necessary to encourage similar activities enewal, etc. by as many licensees as possible. ach such license shall be issued or a specified period, shall be revocable at any time by the Commission in accordance with such procedures as the Commission may establish, and may be renewed upon the expiration ,of such period. Where 764 [60 STAT.