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79TH CONG., 2D SESS.- CH. 724-AUG. 1 , 1946 activities under any license might serve to maintain or to foster the growth of monopoly, restraint of trade, unlawful competition, or other trade position inimical to the entry of new, freely competitive enterprises in the field, the Commission is authorized and directed to refuse to issue such license or to establish such conditions to prevent these results as the Commission, in consultation with the Attorney General, may determine. The Commission shall report promptly to the Attorney General any information it may have with respect to any utilization of fissionable material or atomic energy which appears to have these results. No license may be given to any person for activities which are not under or within the jurisdiction of the United States, to any foreign government, or to any person within the United States if, in the opinion of the Commission, the issuance of a license to such person would be inimical to the common defense and security. (d) BYPRODUCT POWER.-If energy which may be utilized is pro- duced in the production of fissionable material, such energy may be used by the Commission, transferred to other Government agencies, or sold to public or private utilities under contracts providing for reasonable resale prices. INTERNATIONAL ARRANGEMENTS SEC. 8. (a) DEFINITION. -As used in this Act, the term "inter- national arrangement" shall mean any treaty approved by the Senate or international agreement hereafter approved by the Congress, during the time such treaty or agreement is in full force and effect. (b) EFFECT OF INTERNATIONAL ARRANGEMENTS.-Any provision of this Act or any action of the Commission to the extent that it conflicts with the provisions of any international arrangement made after the date of enactment of this Act shall be deemed to be of no further force or effect. (c) POLICIES CONTAINED IN INTERNATIONAL ARRANGEMENTS.-In the performance of its functions under this Act, the Commission shall give maximum effect to the policies contained in any such international arrangement. PROPERTY OF THE COMMISSION SEC. 9 . (a) The President shall direct the transfer to the Com- mission of all interests owned by the United States or any Government agency in the following property: (1) All fissionable material; all atomic weapons and parts thereof; all facilities, equipment, and materials for the processing, production, or utilization of fissionable material or atomic energy; all processes and technical information of any kind, and the source thereof (includ- ing data, drawings, specifications, patents, patent applications, and other sources (relating to the processing, production, or utilization of fissionable material or atomic energy; and all contracts, agreements, leases, patents, applications for patents, inventions and discoveries (whether patented or unpatented), and other rights of any kind con- cerning any such items; (2) All facilities, equipment, and materials, devoted primarily to atomic energy research and development; and (3) Such other property owned by or in the custody or control of the Manhattan Engineer District or other Government agencies as the President may determine. (b) In order to render financial assistance to those States and localities in which the activities of the Commission are carried on and in which the Commission has acquired property previously subject to State and local taxation, the Commission is authorized to make pay- ments to State and local governments in lieu of property taxes. Such Restriction. Transfer of U. 8. Interests. Payments to States, etc. 60 STAT.] 765