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792 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 736-AUG. 2, 1946 [60 STAT. not exceed the maximum net family income falling within the lowest 20 per centum by number of all family incomes in the District of Columbia, as such maximum net family income shall have been determined, or from time to time redetermined after public hearing, todificationofdef- by the District Commissioners. At the end of one year after the enactment of this Act this definition shall be reexamined by the Commissioners for the District of Columbia and a public hearing shall be held thereon to determine whether administrative or inter- pretive difficulties or unsatisfactory progress in the provision of low-rent housing requires a modification thereof. Upon the con- clusion of such hearing the Commissioners shall forthwith make recommendations to Congress whether said definition should be modified and, if so, to what extent. rchaser." (1) "Purchaser" includes the successors or assigns and successors in title of any purchaser. "Reaproperty." (m) "Real property" includes land; also includes land together with the buildings, structures, fixtures, and other improvements thereon; also includes liens, estates, easements, and other interests therein; and also includes restrictions or limitations upon the use of land, buildings, or structures other than those imposed by exercise of the police power. " Redevelpment." (n) "Redevelopment" means replanning, clearance, redesign, and rebuilding of project areas, including open-space types of uses, such as streets, recreation and other public grounds, and spaces around buildings, as well as buildings, structures, and improvements, but not excluding the continuance of some of the existing buildings or uses in a project area. For the purposes of this Act, "redevelopment" also includes the replanning, redesign, and original development of unde- veloped areas which, by reason of street lay-out, lot lay-out, or other causes, are backward and stagnant and therefore blighted and for which replanning and land assembly are deemed necessary as a con- dition of sound development. com;ndp rny.'e' P (o) "Redevelopment company" means a private or public corpora- tion or body corporate, whether organized under the District of Columbia Code or the laws of the United States or any State, or an unincorporated association, trust, or other legal entity, which, by virtue of the statutes, charter, articles of incorporation, instruments of trust, or other instrument defining its powers, has the power to become a lessee or purchaser of a project area and to conform to the provisions of this Act and to perform fully and comply with the terms of the lease or sale of such area or part thereof to it. "Rentals." (p) "Rentals" means the rents specified in a lease to be paid by the "Net rentals." lessee to the Agency; "net rentals" means gross rentals after deducting taxes payable by the Agency. "Revenues." (q) "Revenues" means the revenues or income received by the Agency from real property while held by it and operated or tem- porarily let by it and not yet leased, transferred, or sold by it; and Net revenues." net revenues" means the gross revenues after deducting repair, man- agement, maintenance, insurance, and other operating expenses and "ubstandard o- taxes paid or payable by the Agency. i"g conditions." (r) "Substandard housing conditions" means the conditions obtain- ing in connection with the existence of any dwelling, or dwellings, or housing accommodations for human beings, which because of lack of sanitary facilities, ventilation, or light, or because of dilapidation overcrowding, faulty interior arrangement, or any combination of these factors, is in the opinion of the Commissioners detrimental to the safety, health, morals, or welfare of the inhabitants of the District of Columbia.