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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 736-AUG. 2 , 1946 unless it be done in the light of comprehensive and coordinated plan- ning of the whole of the territory of the District of Columbia and its environs; and that this comprehensive planning and replanning should proceed vigorously without delay; and to these ends it is nec- essary to enact the provisions hereinafter set forth; and that the acquisition and the assembly of real property and the leasing or sale thereof for redevelopment pursuant to a project area redevelopment plan, all as provided in this Act, is hereby declared to be a public use. DEFINITIONS SEC. 3. The following terms, whenever used or referred to in this Act, shall, for the purposes of this Act and unless a different intent clearly appears from the context, be construed as follows: (a) The term "Agency" means the District of Columbia Redevelop- "Ageny." ment Land Agency established by section 4 of this Act. (b) "District Commissioners" means the Board of Commissioners "District Comms. of the District of Columbia. sners. (c) "Housing" includes housing, dwelling, habitation, and resi- "nousing." dence. (d) "Housing project" means any low-rent housing (as defined in HousingpoJct." the United States Housing Act of 1937, U. S . C., title 42, ch. 8) 42 U. S .C . 1401 d the development or administration of which is assisted by the United d 1 SuPp. v t 1402 States Housing Authority. (e) "Land" includes bare or vacant land, or the land under build- " La " ings, structures, or other improvements; also water and land under water. When employed in connection with "use", as for instance, "use of land" or "land use", "land" also includes buildings, struc- tures, and improvements existing or to be placed thereon. (f') "Low-rent housing" means safe and sanitary housing within "iLow-enthouso the financial reach of families of comparatively low income and, as a guide for the standard of rental to be used as a maximum at the time ef the enactment of this law but not necessarily thereafter, it is specified that such housing shall be rented at not more than $13 per room per month, excluding utilities. (g) "Lessee" includes the successors or assigns and successors in "Laee." title of any lessee. (h) "Planning Commission" means the National Capital Park Sllnnico,, mmi and Planning Commission. (i) "Proceeds" means the money proceeds of sales or transfers "rroeed." by the Agency; and "net proceeds' means the gross proceeds after "Netproceeds." deducting commissions or other expenses of the sales or transfers. (j) "Project area" is an area of such extent and location as may be adopted by the Planning Commission and approved by the Dis- trict Commissioners after public hearing as an appropriate unit of redevelopment planning for a redevelopment project separate from the redevelopment projects for other parts of the District of Colum- bia. In the provisions of this Act relating to lease or sale by the Agency, for abbreviation "project area" is used for the remainder of the project area after taking out those pieces of property which in accordance with section 7 (a) of this Act shall have been or are Pod p.719 to be transferred for public uses. (k) "Public low-rent housing" means low-rent housing con- ho'Sbl structed by a public agency for families of low income, at rentals which (including the value or cost to tenants of heat, light, water, and cooking fuel) shall not exceed one-fifth of the highest net family income of families eligible for tenancy in such housing, as herein provided. The dwellings in public low-rent housing shallbe available dwAevfblity o solely for such families of low income whose net family income does 60 STAT.] 791