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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 791-AUG. 7 , 1946 SEC. 2 . The Administrator of Veterans' Affairs, hereinafter called the Administrator, is authorized and directed- atEhsitalisent (a) To establish, maintain, and operate canteens where deemed necessary and practicable at hospitals and homes of the Veterans' Administration and at other Veterans' Administration establishments where similar essential facilities are not reasonably available from outside commercial sources. Warehouses, etc. (b) To establish, maintain, and operate such warehouses and storage depots as may be necessary in operating the canteens. Free spae, etc. (C) To furnish the Service, without charge, rental, or reimburse- ment, for its use in connection with the establishment, maintenance, and operation thereof, such space, buildings, and structures under control of the Veterans' Administration as he may consider necessary, including normal maintenance and repair service thereon. Freeequipment, etc. (d) To furnish the Service for its use such equipment, utilities, and service, including light, water, and heat, as may be available and necessary for such use, without charge, rental, or reimbursement Electricity and ga except that reasonable charges shall be paid by the Service for elec- tricity and gas furnished for purposes of cooking, refrigeration, and power. PersonneL (e) To employ such person§ as are necessary for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of the Service. Personnel necessary for the transaction of the business of the Service at canteens, ware- houses, and storage depots shall be appointed, compensated from funds of the Service, and removed by the Administrator without 42 sttcl . l-674 regard to civil-service laws and the Classification Act of 1923, as Supp. V, 661 etseq. amended: Provided, That such employees shall be subject to the 8 tetat. 387. Veterans' Preference Act of 1944, the Civil Service Retirement Acts, 5 Uv. s C., supp. and laws administered by the United States Employees' Compensa- tion Commission applicable to civilian employees of the United States. Personnel, other than those employed at canteens, ware- houses, and storage depots, shall be employed and paid from Vet- erans' Administration appropriations for salaries and expenses as normal Veterans' Administration employees and assigned, detailed, or loaned to the Service without reimbursement by the Service. urchase contracts, (f) To make all necessary contracts or agreements to purchase or sell merchandise, fixtures, equipment, supplies, and services, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes of the United States nt p. 809. (41 U. S . C . 5), and to do all things necessary to carry out such con- tracts or agreements, including the making of necessary adjustments and compromising of claims in connection therewith. Fixing ofprices. (g) To fix the prices of merchandise and services in canteens so as to carry out the purposes of this Act. Gitsanddonstlons. (h) To accept gifts and donations of merchandise, fixtures, equip- ment, and supplies for the use and benefit of the Service. u and regua (i) To make such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, as he considers necessary or appropriate to effectuate its purposes. Delegationofduties, (j) To delegate such duties and powers to employees as he considers necessary or appropriate, whose official acts performed within the scope of the delegated authority shall have the same force and effect as though performed by the Administrator. ied veterans, et. SEC. 3 . (a) The canteens at hospitals and homes of the Veterans' Administration shall be primarily for the use and benefit of veterans hospitalized or domiciled at such hospitals and homes. Service at such canteens may also be furnished to personnel of the Veterans' Adminis- tration and recognized veterans' organizations employed at such hos- pitals and homes and to other persons so employed, to the families of all the foregoing persons who reside at the hospital or home con- cerned, and to relatives and other persons while visiting any of the 888 [60 STAT.