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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CHS. 791, 792-AUG. 7 , 1946 persons named in this subsection: Provided,That service to any person not hospitalized, domiciled, or residing at the hospital or home shall be limited to the sale of merchandise or services for consumption or use on the premises. (b) Service at canteens other than those established at hospitals and homes shall be limited to sales of merchandise and services for consumption or use on the premises, to personnel employed at such establishments, their visitors, and other persons at such establishments on official business. SEC. 4. To finance the establishment, maintenance, and operation of the Service there is hereby authorized to be appropriated from time to time such amounts as are necessary to provide for (a) the acquisition of necessary furniture, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of canteens, warehouses, and storage depots; (b) stocks of merchandise and supplies for can- teens and reserve stocks of same in warehouses and storage depots; (c) salaries, wages, and expenses of employees; (d) administrative and operation expenses; and (e) adequate working capital for each canteen and for the Service as a whole. Amounts appropriated under the authority contained in this Act and all income from canteen opera- tions become and will be administered as a revolving fund to effectuate the provisions of this Act. SEC. 5. The revolving fund shall be deposited in a checking account with the Treasurer of the United States: Provided,That such amounts thereof as the Administrator may determine to be necessary to establish and maintain operating accounts for the various canteens may be depos- ited in checking accounts in other depositaries selected by the Administrator. SEC. 6. The Service shall prepare annually and submit a budget program as provided for wholly owned Government corporations by the Government Corporation Control Act which shall contain an estimate of the needs of the Service for the ensuing fiscal year including an estimate of the amount required to restore any impairment of the revolving fund resulting from operations of the current fiscal year. Any balance in the revolving fund at the close of the fiscal year in excess of the estimated requirements for the ensuing fiscal year shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. SEC. 7. The Service shall maintain an integral set of accounts which shall be audited annually by the General Accounting Office in accordance with the priincil)les and procedures applicable to commercial transactions as provicded by the Government Corporation Control Act. No other audit shall be required. SEC. 8 . It is the purpose of this Act that, under control and super- vision of the Administrator the Service shall function as an inde- pendent unit in the Veterans; Administration and shall have exclusive control over all its activities including sales, procurement and supply, finance, including disbursements, and personnel management, except as otherwise herein provided. Approved August 7, 1946. [CHAPTER 792] AN ACT To amend section 121 of the Act entitled "An Act to establish a code of law for the District of Columbia", approved March 3, 1901, as amended, to authorize the appointment of three additional deputies for the register of wills. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 121 of the Act entitled "An Act to establish a code of law for the District of 889 Service at other canteens. Appropriations au- thorized. Ante, p. 615. Revolving fund. Deposits. Budget program. 59 Stat. 597. 31 U. S. C., Supp. V, §§841-869. Accounts. Supra. Function; control. August 7, 194 [H. R. 6859] [Public Law 637] Register of wills. Additional depntiU