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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1016

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Cotton-Continued Page Contracts, option, loans from Recon- struction Finance Corporation to Secretary of Agriculture in connec- tion with, repeal of provisions of Agricultural Adjustment Act------ 208 Crop insurance, provisions respecting_ 550, 718 Ginning, appropriation for investiga- tions--------------------------- 534 Price adjustment, exportation and do- mestic consumption of agricultural commodities, Department of Agri- culture, reduction in appropriation_ 20 Prices, restriction on prediction by em- ployees of Department of Agricul- ture--------------------------- 523 Taxes, certain, under Agricultural Ad- justment Act, loans from Recon- struction Finance Corporation, re- peal of provisions respecting------ 208 Cotton Fiber Analyses, appropriation for ---------------------------- 544 Cotton Statistics, Classing, Standards, and Futures Acts, funds to effect provisions of---------------------------- 74, 544 Cottonseed, monthly statistics, collection, publication, etc------------------- 457 Court Reporters, appropriation for sal- aries ------------------------- 59,305 Courts. See District of Columbia; Jus- tice, Department of; United States Courts. Courts Martial: Army- Appropriation for expenses --------- 55f Confirmations of sentence by President, date of termination of war in in- terpretation of provisions of Act of June 4, 1920--------------- 451 Naval- Auxiliary naval forces, service of offi- cers, date of termination of war, etc., in interpretation of Act of Oct. 6, 1917----------------- 45; Extension of jurisdiction, date of ter- mination of war, etc., in interpre- tation of Act of March 22, 1943- 45; Selective Service Records, Office of, vio- lation of regulations respecting indi- vidual confidential records, juris- diction ------------------------- 3 Crab Orchard Creek Project, DI., transfer to Secretary of Interior of certain lands in connection with, administra- tion, etc------------------------- 77( Criers, U. S. Courts, appropriation for sal- aries-------------------------- 27,30- Crimes and Misdemeanors: Alaska, pardons, reprieves, etc., author- ity of Governor respecting granting of --------------------------- 451 Crimes and Misdemeanors-Continued Pag Black bass and other game fish, viola- tion of regulations for interstate transportation---------------- 517 Building permits, construction for amusement purposes, etc., viola- tion of regulations, penalty------- 193 Census, Bureau of, Department of Com- merce, communication of certain statistical information by employ- ees of-------------------------- 458 Census schedules, refusal, etc., to an- swer questions, penalty--------- 458 Copyrights- False affidavit respecting compliance with conditions--------------- 658 Fraudulent notice of, or removal or al- teration of notice------------ 662, 663 Infringement for profit, willful------ 662 Counterfeiting, etc., appropriation for suppression of ------------------ 222 District of Columbia, bribes in connec- tion with athletic contests, prohi- bition, penalty for violation ------- 313 District of Columbia Income and Fran- chise Tax Act of 1947- Penalties, etc., for violations-------- 355, 356,357,358 Secrecy of returns, violation of provi- sions, penalties --------------- 343 Economic poisons and devices, violation of regulations respecting- - 166, 167, 170 Farragut, Idaho, reimbursement of cer- tain Navy and former Navy person- nel for losses at, excessive attorney, etc., fees in connection with------ 315 Federal Firearms Act, amendment, defi- nition of "crime of violence"------ 11 Flag of the United States, use for adver- tising purposes; mutilation ------ 642 Francis Marion National Forest, game refuge, violation of rules and regu- lations------------------------- 516 3 Gold star lapel buttons, unlawful use, etc--------------------------- 710 Government employees- 3 Citizenship requirement, false affi- davit respecting -------------- 608 Overthrow of U. S. Government, ad- vocacy, restriction ------------ 23, 3 80, 119, 188, 233, 278, 306, 377, 394, 447, 491, 549, 571, 584, 607, 627, 693, 703, 944. Strikes by, prohibition------------- 160 ) Engaging in, restriction ---------- 23, 80, 119, 188, 233, 278, 306, 377, 4 393, 447, 491, 549, 571, 584, 607, 627, 693, 703, 944. Housing, veterans' preference, penalty for violation of regulations respect- 8 ing. .---------------------- 196 INDEX XXXV