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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1017

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XXXVI Crimes and Misdemeanors-Continued Interstate or foreign commerce, larceny in, shipping document as prima fa- cie evidence of place of shipment - Labor organizations- Employee representatives, violations of provisions respecting payments to, etc-------------------- Officers, affidavits respecting nonaf- filiation with Communist Party, etc., applicability of criminal pro- visions with respect to presenta- tion of false claims------------ Political contributions, violation of restrictions -_ _-_ _- -- -- -- -- -- - National Labor Relations Board, inter- ference with members or agents in performance of duties; penalty---- Political contributions by corporations and labor organizations, violation of restrictions; penalty ---------- Prisoners, escape of, criminal liability of custodians for negligent allowance Page 52 158 146 159 151 159 of --------------------------- 134 Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act- Payment of fee or commission by ap- plicant for financial assistance- -- 204 Violations of provisions; false state- ment, counterfeiting, embezzle- ment, etc., penalties----------- 206 Selective Service Records, Office of, vio- lation of regulations respecting in- dividual confidential records; pen- alty--

33 Sockeye Salmon Fishery Act of 1947, violation of provisions--------- 511, 512 Sugar Act of 1948, violations under - 932, 933 Sugar Control Extension Act of 1947, unlawful acts under; penalties --. 37 Vessels, masters of, failure to deposit list of passengers with immigration officials ---------------------- 631 Washington National Airport, violation of regulations; penalty ----------- 94 Criminal Code: Labor organizations, officers, affidavits respecting nonaffiliation with Com- munist Party, etc., applicability of criminal provisions with respect to presentation of false claims------- 146 Nonapplicability of designated sections- Claims against United States, counsel, etc., for prosecution of--------. 133 Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Govern- ment, experts, consultants, etc- _ 940 Investigating committee, Senate, counsel to -----

--- 129 Loyalty Review Board members---- 696 Criminal Code-Continued Nonapplicability of designated sec- tions-Continued National Security Act of 1947, mem- bers serving on advisory commit- tees under----------------- Retired members of armed forces, representatives of veterans' or- ganizations in presentation of claims to Veterans' Administra- tion .-- - ---.................. Prisoners, escape of, criminal liability of custodians ------ ____________ Reconstruction Finance Corporation contracts, applicability of designa- ted sections ------------ _ ---- -__ Criminal Police Commission, Interna- national, appropriation for member- ship -------- ___--_____-_____-__- Critical Materials. See Strategic and Critical Materials. Crop Insurance Act, Federal, Amend- ments. See Federal Crop Insurance Act, Amendments. Crop Insurance Corporation, Federal. See Federal Crop Insurance Corpora- tion. Crosline, Ferry, admission to American registry, use in coastwise trade------ -. . 182 Cuba: Monuments, etc., to American soldiers, appropriation for maintenance- - - 686 Sugar, quota provisions under Sugar Act of 1948 ----- 924, 925, 926, 928, 929 Culbertson Dam, Republican Basin, ap- propriation for ------------------ 699 Cultural Relations, Inter-American, Con- vention for Promotion of, appropria- tion for expenses under ------- --- 286 Currant Wine, addition of sugar and water solution, volume increase ---------- 320 Customs, Bureau of. See under Treasury Department. Customs and Patent Appeals, Court of. See under United States Courts. Customs Court. See under United States Courts. Customs Custody, Merchandise in, re- moval to make transportation and storage facilities available for military use, repeal of Act of September 29, 1942---------- .-- - - -- - - -- - -- .- 449 Customs Division. See under Justice, Department of. Customs Duties: Coconuts, suspension, termination date- 917 Exemptions- Enemy prisoners, internees and de- tainees, articles for, termination date ----- ------------------ 17 INDEX Page 508 716 134 207 291