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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1040

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INDEX Fur-Resources Investigations, transfer of funds to appropriation for --- _____- Fur-Seal Agreement of 1942, Provisional, termination date, repeal of provision of Act of February 26, 1944 ------- Fur-Seal Investigations, Alaska, appropri- ation for .------- __-----------___ Furs, Tax on, war tax rates of certain mis- cellaneous taxes, continuance------- G "G. I. Bill of Rights." See Servicemen's Readjustment Act of June 22, 1944. Gadsden, Ala., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of------------ Gaging Streams: Appropriation for; limitation -------- Arkansas River compact, use of funds for negotiation of -------------- Leaksville, N. C. reconstruction or relo- cation of facility near -- _-_----- Galen, Mont., appropriation authorized for tuberculosis sanatorium for treatment of Indians; condition -------------- Gall, John C., appropriation for payment Page 73 450 486 12 304 478 478 98 729 to---------------------------- 611 Gallagher, William J., appropriation for payment to widow of-------------- 15 Gallinger Municipal Hospital, appropria- tion for--------- ----------- 65,436,438 Gallup, N. Mex. - Window Rock, Ariz., ap- propriation for maintenance of portion of highway ------------------- - 468 Gallup-Shiprock Highway, N. Mex., ap- propriation for maintenance of portion within Navajo Reservation--------- 468 Game Fish, regulation of interstate trans- portation ----------------------- 517 Game-Management Supply Depot, Poca- tello, Idaho, appropriation for------- 487 Garrison Reservoir, N. Dak.: Acquisition of lands in Fort Berthold Indian Reservation; deposit of funds to credit of Three Affiliated Tribes, etc--------------------------- 690 Limitation on use of funds for mainte- nance and operation ------------ 689 Gas and Oil. See Oil and Gas. Gasoline Sold on Military, Etc., Reserva- tion, tax on; reports to State taxing authority ---

General Accounting Office: Accounts, monthly or quarterly, of fiscal officers, time limitation for settle- ment -------------------------- Suspension during time of war----- Agriculture, Department of, transfer of funds from -------------------- 644 101 101 542 General Accounting Office-Continued Appropriation for ---- ___- --- -- -___ Checks, Government, rules and regula- tions for facilitating payment of cer- tain; limitations --- __---____.-_ Report to Secretary of Treasury on certain checks outstanding and LIX Page 598 309 unpaid ------------------ . _- 309 Claims, appropriation for payment --- 598 Disbursing or other accountable officers of the Government, physical loss of Government funds, etc., relief; con- dition---------- _- -- -- --- -- -- -- 720 Federal Public Housing Authority, audit of expenditures by------------- 575 Navy Department, relief of disbursing and certifying officers from liability for certain losses; credit in accounts. 493 Public accounts, time limitation on claims and demands, date of termi- nation of war in interpretation of provisions of Act of Oct. 9, 1940-- 454 War Department, relief of disbursing and certifying officers from liability for certain losses; credit in accounts. 493 General Assembly, United Nations. See United Nations. Geneva Convention, appropriation for wages of enemy detainees for work under conditions prescribed by------ 292 Geodesy and Geophysics, International Union of, appropriation for contri- bution---------

-.- ------- -

283 Geographic Names, Board on, member- ship, functions, etc---------------- 456 Geographical Union, International, appro- priation for contribution ----------- 283 Geography, Division of. See under Inte- rior, Department of the. Geography and History, Pan American Institute of, appropriation for con- tribution--------------------- 283 Geologic Surveys, appropriation for----- 477 Geological Survey. See under Interior, Department of the. George-Barden and George-Deen Pro- grams, appropriation for development of vocational education in District of Columbia---------------------- 30, 428 George Washington Carver National Mon- ument, Mo., appropriation for acqui- sition of lands-------------------- 485 George Washington Memorial Parkway, appropriation for------------------ 484 Georgia: Bibb County, conveyance by Navy De- partment, authorized ------------ 399 Central of Georgia Railway Company, conveyance by Navy Department, authorized; payment by grantee - 10, 11