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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1052

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Illinois-Continued Page Oil and gas conservation, consent of Congress granted to extension and renewal of interstate compact con- cerning ------------------------ 316 Immigration Act of 1917, Amendment, lists of persons arriving at or departing from United States ports, etc-------_ 630 Immigration and Naturalization. See Citizenship and Naturalization. Immigration and Naturalization Service. See under Justice, Department of. Import Milk Act, appropriation for en- forcement ----------- __----------_ 265 Importation Privileges, Certain, termina- tion date ------------------------ 917 Imports: Allocations of certain materials, etc., under Second War Powers Act, time limitation of provisions_ 34, 214, 322 Copper, suspension of certain import tax on------___ -- __

____ 56 Income and Franchise Tax Act of 1947, District of Columbia. See under District of Columbia Revenue Act of 1947. Income Taxes. See under Taxes. Independent Offices: Accounting systems---------------- _ 608 Appropriation Act, 1948------- _ ---- __ 585 Availability of funds ---------------- 576 Citizenship requirements, employees___ 608 Lifetime Federal Digest, price limitation 609 Meetings, funds available for attendance at certain---------------------- 608 Newspapers and periodicals, limitation on expenditures for------------ _ 607 Overthrow of U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating--------------------- 607 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for_ 28, 114 Reduction in designated appropriations- 18 Salaries and expenses, prohibition on payment to certain persons ------- 607 Senate disapproval of nomination, re- striction on payment to person after -------------------------- 609 Strikes against U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in, etc ---------------- 607 Travel expenses, limitation ----------- 607 Travel provisions- Living quarters allowances, appro- priations available------------- 609 Per diem allowances in lieu of subsist- ence expenses-------------- 608, 609 United States Code Annotated, price limitation -_------------------- 609 Vehicles, cost limitation _------------ 608 Veterans, restoration to former posi- tions ------------------------- 608 Indian Affairs, Bureau of. See under Inte- Page rior, Department of the. Indian Claims Commission, appropriation for ---------------. --- -- --- -.- - 61,616 Indian Institute, Inter-American, appro- priation for contribution ----------- 282 Indiana, oil and gas conservation, consent of Congress granted to extension and renewal of interstate compact concern- ing


__ 316 Indians. See also Indian Affairs, Bureau of, under Interior, Department of the. Chippewa Indians, Red Lake Band, Minn., per capita payments from sale of timber and lumber-- _---- 417 Choctaw-Chickasaw Nations, Okla., leases, etc., of coal or asphalt de- posits; sale -------------------- 686 Galen, Mont., appropriation authorized for tuberculosis sanatorium; condi- tion ----- _-------------------- 729 Grazing lands, use of fees from-------- 791 Laguna Band of Mission Indians, Calif., issuance by Secretary of Interior of patent in fee-------------------- 731 Menominee Indian Mills, payment to credit of designated accounts for logging of timber --------------- 455 Metlakahtla Indians, Alaska, certificates of citizenship ---------- .-- --- --- 414 Mineral leases on lands, deposit of re- ceipts from ------------- ___ _- Navajo and Hopi, relief, appropriation authorized ------------ Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, sale of timber on allotments --- __- Osage Indians, loans to veterans of World War II under provisions of Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944--------------------. . - Quinaielt Tribe, declaration as proper party plaintiff in designated action against United States, attorneys' compensation -----.- _-_-____.-- Taxation, State, exception---------- Industrial Property, International Bureau for Protection of, appropriation for contribution ----------- Industrial Reformatory, U. S., Chillicothe, Ohio, construction, reduction in ap- propriation ----------- Inflationary Tendencies, Curbing of. See Commodity Prices, Stabilization. Inger, District Numbered 6 (Deer River), Itasca County, Minn., cooperation in extension, etc., of public-school facili- ties, appropriation authorized--- Ingots, deviations in standard------ Initiation Fees, Tax on, war tax rates of certain miscellaneous taxes, continu- ance----------------------------- 915 940 418 747 417 645 283 21 419 132 12 INDEX LXXI