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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1069

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LXXXVIII Library of Congress-Continued Salary augmented by honorarium, limi- tation on ---- __----____________ Life Insurance. See Insurance. Life Saving Service, Former, Coast Guard, increased retired pay for certain members- ______________-________ Lifetime Federal Digest, price limitation_ Light Money, Collection or Payment of Certain, relief of liability for _______ Lighthouse Service. See under Coast Guard. Liqueurs, Tax on, war tax rates of certain miscellaneous taxes, continuance --- Liquid Fuels, Synthetic, Demonstration Plants, appropriation for -_________ Liquor. See Distilled Spirits, Etc. "Little and Brown's" Edition of Laws and Treaties; admissibility in evidence___ Little Rock Municipal Airport, Ark., con- trol by United States in time of war, date of termination of state of war, etc., in interpretation of provision of Act of May 15, 1936-.- __ ___ ___ ___ Little Sioux River, Iowa, flood-control project, adoption and authorization_ Little Tallahatchie Watershed, purchase of lands, requirement of approval of County Board of Supervisors ______ Loan Agency, Federal: Abolition -____ ________ ______- -- Housing and Home Finance Administra- tor, transfer of certain functions to- Locomotive Inspection, appropriation for increased pay costs--.. ..... ____. Locomotive Inspection Act, Amendment, compensation of director of locomotive inspection, district inspectors, etc.; provision of technical, etc., help by Interstate Commerce Commission- _- Loganberry Wine, addition of sugar and water solution, volume increase _____ Long, Reuben, payment to Menominee Indian Mills to credit of account of - Long Beach, Calif., conveyance by Navy Department, authorized -------- ___ Los Angeles, Calif., easement for construc- tion, etc., of storm drain, conveyance by Navy Department, authorized- _ - Los Angeles County, Calif., land, acquisi- tion by Military Establishment, re- duction in appropriation...-_ _ __ __ _ Louisiana: Flood relief, restoration of roads and bridges, Public Roads Administra- tion, reduction in appropriation -_ Jeanerette, repair of storm damage, non- application of cost limitation to construction of buildings--- ...... Page 372 674 609 97 12 480 636 451 741 540 208 955 28 120 320 455 399 9 22 19 185 Louisiana-Continued New Orleans (Algiers), naval station, lease by Navy Department, date of termination of emergency in inter. pretation of provision of Act of May 14, 1930--- __ ..-.........----- Oil and gas conservation, consent of Congress granted to extension and renewal of interstate compact con- cerning ------- _ __-_ _____ ____ __ Loyalty Review Board, Federal employees, nonapplicability of designated provi- sions of law to members - -_ ________ Lugert-Altus Irrigation Project, Okla., change of name to W. C . Austin project ------------------ _. ____-. Luggage, Retailers' Excise Tax on, war tax rates of certain miscellaneous taxes, continuance-- ---------------- .-- M Macon, Ga., conveyance by Navy Depart- ment, authorized--------__ --- _---- 399 Maine: Acadia National Park, transfer of juris- diction of certain lands from De- partment of the Interior to Navy Department ---------- _-----___ 519 Kenduskeag Stream, Penobscot County, declaration as nonnavigable water- way -----------. . - -- --- -- -- -- _ 316 Marine school, appropriation for main- tenance---- __ __ _--------------_ 604 New England Interstate Water Pollu- tion Control Compact, consent and approval of Congress ------- _ _- _ 682 Malt Liquors, Fermented, Tax on, war tax rates of certain miscellaneous taxes, continuance ---------------. .-- _ . 12 Mammal and Bird Reservations, appro- priation for maintenance ------- 487, 621 Mancos Water Conservancy District, amendment of contract authorized, increase of reimbursable construction cost obligation to U. S.; extension of period of repayment -------------- 176 Manila (Abaca) Fiber and Cordage, allo- cations, time limitation of provisions. 34 Mansfield, Joseph Jefferson, appropria- tion for payment to son and daughters of------------------------------ 611 Manufactures, Census of, appropriation for--------------------------- 295 Manzanita on Public Lands, authority for disposal by Secretary of the Interior _ 681 Map of the World on the Millionth Scale, International, Central Bureau of, ap- propriation for contribution --.- --- - 282 Marblehead, Mass.. cnvevann,

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