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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1144

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War Mobilization and Reconversion Act of 1944: Nonapplicability of termination date to certain Social Security Act amend- ments ------- .. ..... ...- - - - - .. .. Sugar, allocations without regard to pro- visions ------------------------- War Powers, Certain, Repeals--------- War Powers Act, 1941, First, censorship of communications between U. S. and foreign countries, repeal of provision of Act of Dec. 18, 1941-----..---- War Powers Act, 1942, Second. See Sec- ond War Powers Act, 1942. War Relocation Authority, appropriation for liquidation expenses ----------- War Shipping Administration. See also Maritime Commission. Alien seamen, waivers for employment_- Insurance of certain companies against legal liabilities, repeal of provisions of Act of March 24, 1943-------- Judgments, appropriation for payment- Medals, etc., for seamen, date of termi- nation of war in interpretation of provisions of Act of May 10, 1943__ War Tax Rates, Certain, continuation; "rate reduction date"------------- Warehouse Act, funds to effect provisions Page 794 35 449 450 620 685 450 77 454 12 Washington-Continued Page Port Angeles, conveyance to Public Hos- pital District Numbered 2, Clallam County__--------------------- 211 Quinaielt Tribe of Indians, declaration as proper party plaintiff in desig- nated action; attorneys' compensa- tion ----------------------- - 417 Sockeye salmon fishery, designation of State officers and employees to en- force provisions of law and conven- tion relating to------------------ 513 Yakima Indian Agency, appropriation for deposit to official trust fund checking account of special disburs- ing agent----------------------- 110 Yakima project, appropriation for . - 116, 474 Washington, D. C . See District of Colum- bia. Washington, George, Memorial Parkway, appropriation for -----------------. 484 Washington City Post Office, heat fur- nished by Capitol Power Plant, reim- bursement--------------------- 370 Washington National Airport. See under Civil Aeronautics Administration. Watauga Dam, appropriation for construc- tion_---------------------------- 574 Water Carriers. See Carriers. Waupoose, Alexander, payment to Me- nominee Indian Mills to credit of account of ----------------------- 455 Weather Bureau. See under Commerce, Department of. Weeks Act, appropriation for acquisition of forest lands under--- .--- _---- 539 Weights and Measures, International Bureau of, appropriation for contribu- tion----------------. - -- - - -- - - -- . - 283 Wescott, Dan, payment to Menominee Indian Mills to credit of account of -- 455 West Point, N. Y.: Bullion depository, appropriation for-- 223 Land, acquisition by Military Estab- lishment, reduction in appropria- tion--------------------------- 22 Military Academy. See separate title. West Virginia: Clarksburg, acquisition by Veterans Administration of site for facility of ----------------------------- 74, 544 Warrington, James, payment to Menomi- nee Indian Mills to credit of account of --------------

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455 Warrior River Terminal Company: Expenditures, contracts, etc., authoriza- tion; appropriation for----------- 581 Transfer and merger of funds in event of dissolution of Company---------- 581 Wasatch National Forest, Utah, acquisition of lands for, appropriation for------- 539 Washinawatok, Louis, payment to Me- nominee Indian Mills to credit of ac- count of-------------------------- 455 Washington: Columbia Basin project, appropriation for------------------ 116, 474, 475, 944 Crosline, ferry, admission to American registry, use in coastwise trade--- 182 Indians, industrial assistance, appropria- tion for ------------ --- --- -- 47( Moclips-Aloha District, school construc- tion, appropriation authorized; con- ditions _----------------------- 211 Appropriation for----------------- 691 Olympic National Park, appropriation for protection of adjacent land---- 48- Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact, ap- ... tr1 f ~,on- - .-. _ --- .- --- 419 at--------------------------- Oil and gas conservation, consent of Congress granted to extension and renewal of interstate compact con- cerning------------------------- Whaling Treaty Act, appropriation for enforcement--------------------- 677 316 487 INDEX CLXIII PvUJ- u- v-uS-^-----------