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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 203 - National CapitalSesqui-Centennial. JOINT RESOLUTION To provide for the appropriate commemoration of the one hun- dred and fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the seat of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia------ 204 -__ Territory of the Pacific Islands, trusteeship agreement. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the President to approve the trusteeship agreement for the Territory of the Pacific Islands_ 205 --- Policemen and firemen's relief fund, D. C . AN ACT To credit active service in the military or naval forces of the United States in determining eligibility for and the amount of benefits from the policemen and firemen's relief fund, District of Columbia-.----------- --------------------------- ---- 206 -- Geological Survey, sale of photographs, etc. AN ACT To author- ize the Director of the United States Geological Survey to produce and sell copies of aerial or other photographs and mosaics, and photographic or photostatic reproductions of records, on a reimbursement of appropriations basis ------- 207 -- Macon, Ga., and Bibb County, Ga., conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to convey to the city of Macon, Georgia, and Bibb County, Georgia, an easement for public road and utility purposes in certain Government-owned lands situated in Bibb County, Georgia, and for other pur- poses--------------------------------------------- 208 --- Long Beach, Calif., conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to convey to the city of Long Beach, California, for street purposes an easement in certain lands within the Navy housing project at Long Beach, California__ 209 _- Coast Guard Academy, chapel. AN ACT To authorize the con- struction of a chapel at the Coast Guard Academy, and to authorize the acceptance of private contributions to assist in defraying the cost of construction thereof--------- ----- 210 --- Coast and Geodetic Survey. AN ACT To provide basic authority for the performance of certain functions and activities of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, and for other purposes- _ 211 --- Postal Service. AN ACT To provide compensation to persons performing the duties of postmasters at post offices of the fourth class during annual and sick leave of the postmasters__ 212 --- Hawaii, conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to convey to the Territory of Hawaii an easement for public highway and utility purposes in certain parcels of land in the district of Ewa, Territory of Hawaii ---------------- 213 --- Alien spouses of members of armed forces. AN ACT To amend the Act approved December 28, 1945 (Public Law 271, Seventy-ninth Congress), entitled "An Act to expedite the admission to the United States of alien spouses and alien minor children of citizen members of the United States armed forces"----------

214 --- Merchant Marine Academy. AN ACT To create an Academic Advisory Board for the United States Merchant Marine Academy -- - --- --- ---- --- --- --- --- --- ---- --- --- --- -- 215 --- District of Columbia, certain licenses. AN ACT To amend section 7 of an Act making appropriations to provide for the govern- ment of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1903, and for other purposes, approved July 1, 1902- 216 --- AMVETS incorporation. AN ACT To incorporate the AMVETS, American Veterans of World War II------------ 217 --- Missouri Basin project, Angostura unit. AN ACT To authorize the inclusion within the Angostura unit of the Missouri Basin project of certain lands owned by the United States ------- 218 --- Circuit and district judges, secretaries. AN ACT To provide secretaries for circuit and district judges --------------- 219 --- Coast Guard, authorized number of officers. AN ACT To inte- grate certain personnel of the former Bureau of Marine In- spection and Navigation and the Bureau of Customs into the Regular Coast Guard, to establish the permanent commis- sioned personnel strength of the Coast Guard, and for other purposes ----------------------------------------- 220 --- Patents. AN ACT To extend temporarily the time for filing applications for patents and for taking action in the United States Patent Office with respect thereto----------------- 221 _-_ Metlakahtla Indians, Alaska, citizenship. AN ACT To amend the Act approved May 7, 1934, granting citizenship to the Metlakahtla Indians of Alaska ------------------------ Date July 18, 1947-- July 18, 1947- __ July 21, 1947- _ _ July 21, 1947 -- July 21,1947- __ July 21, 1947-- July 21, 1947 -- July 22,1947--- July 22, 1947 - July 22, 1947 -- July 22, 1947___ July 22, 1947-- July 22, 1947_ -- July 23, 1947 -- July 23, 1947-- July 23, 1947- __ July 23, 1947-- July 23, 1947- _ - July 23, 1947_- 414 xvi Page 396 397 398 398 399 399 399 400 400 401 401 401 402 403 408 409 409 413