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Maximum rent. (b) During the period beginning on the effective date of this title and ending on the date this title ceases to be in effect, no person shall demand, accept, or receive any rent for the use or occu- pancy of any controlled housing accommodations greater than the maximum rent established under the authority of the Emergency s6 stat.23 . Price Control Act of 1942, as amended, and in effect with respect 5 901-gos , i921-9P;thereto on June 30, 1947: Provided,however, That the Housing Expe- 94Posp.619. diter shall, by regulation or order, make such adjustments in such Adjustments. maximum rents as may be necessary to correct inequities or further to carry out the purposes and provisions of this title: And provided Lease entered into further, That in any case in which a landlord and tenant, on or before 17. o December 31, 1947, voluntarily enter into a valid written lease in good faith with respect to any housing accommodations for which a maximum rent is in effect under this section and such lease takes effect after the effective date of this title and expires on or after December 31, 1948, and if a true and duly executed copy of such lease is filed, within fifteen days after the date of execution of such lease, with the Housing Expediter, the maximum rent for such housing accommoda- tions shall be, as of the date such lease takes effect, that which is mutually agreed between the landlord and tenant in such lease if it does not represent an increase of more than 15 per centum over the maximum rent which would otherwise apply under this section. In any case in which a maximum rent for any housing accommodations is established pursuant to the provisions of the last proviso above, such maximum rent shall not thereafter be subject to modification by any regulation or order issued under the provisions of this title. No housing accommodations for which a maximum rent is established pursuant to the provisions of the last proviso above shall be subject, after December 31, 1947, to any maximum rent established or main- tained under the provisions of this title. mum rents in'defens-a (c) The Housing Expediter is hereby authorized and directed to rental areas. remove any or all maximum rents before this title ceases to be in effect, in any defense-rental area, if in his judgment the need for continuing maximum rents in such area no longer exists due to sufficient con- struction of new housing accommodations or when the demand for rental housing accommodations has been otherwise reasonably met. degulations and (d) The Housing Expediter is authorized to issue such regulations and orders, consistent with the provisions of this title, as he may deem necessary to carry out the provisions of this section and section 202 (c). deaiesreJntoars (e) (1 The Housing Expediter is authorized and directed to create in each defense-rental area, or such portion thereof as he may desig- nate, a local advisory board, each such board to consist of not less than five members who are representative citizens of the area, to be appointed by the Housing Expediter, from recommendations made by the respective Governors. Each such board shall have sufficient mem- bers to enable it promptly to consider individual adjustment cases coming before it on which the board shall make recommendations to the ofcials administering this title within its area. The local boards may make such recommendations to the Housing Expediter as they deem advisable with respect to the following matters: (A) Decontrol of the defense-rental area or any portion thereof; (B) The adequacy of the general rent level in the area; and (C) Operations generally of the local rent office, with particular reference to hardship cases. Office space, etc. (2) The Housing Expediter shall furnish the local boards suitable office space and stenographic assistance and shall make available to such boards any records and other information in the possession of [61 STAT. 198 PUBLIC LAWS--CH. l-JUNE 30, 1947