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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1 ST SESS.-CH. 186-JULY 1, 1947 personal services at the seat of government and elsewhere; contract stenographic reporting services, pursuant to section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600); printing and binding; purchase of fifty-eight passenger motor vehicles and maintenance, operation, and repair of aircraft; improvement of property for Coast Guard purposes, including rental, purchase, or use of additional land where necessary and the purchase of land for beacons, daymarks, and fog signals; rations and provisions, or commutation thereof, for working parties in the field, officers and crews of light vessels and tenders, and officials and other authorized persons of the Coast Guard on duty on board such tenders or vessels, but money accruing from commutation of rations and provisions for the above-named persons on board tenders and light vessels or in working parties in the field may be paid on proper voucher to the person having charge of the mess of such vessel or party; subsistence and clothing for shipwrecked and destitute persons, including reimbursement, under rules prescribed by the Secretary, of Coast Guard personnel who furnish from their personal stock subsistence and clothing to such persons; for payment of claims authorized under section 1 of Public Law 277, Seventy-ninth Congress, as amended by Public Law 327, Seventy-ninth Congress; not to exceed $2,500 for contingencies for the Superintendent, United States Coast Guard Academy, to be expended in his discretion; pay- ment of rewards for the apprehension and conviction, or for informa- tion helpful therein, of persons found interfering in violation of law with aids to navigation maintained by the Coast Guard; in all, not to exceed $29,700,000: Provided,That the number of aircraft on hand at any one time shall not exceed one hundred and ten exclusive of planes and parts stored to meet future attrition; Civilian employees, Coast Guard: For compensation of civilian employees in the field, including per diem labor, but excluding per- sonnel provided for in the appropriation "General expenses, Coast Guard", not to exceed $3,600,000; Establishing and improving aids to navigation: For establishing and improving aids to navigation and other works, and for expendi- tures directly relating thereto, not to exceed $2,300,000; Acquisition of aircraft, vessels and shore facilities: For the purchase or construction of additional and replacement vessels and their equip- ment; the purchase of aircraft and their equipment; and the construc- tion, rebuilding, or extension of shore facilities, including the acquisition of sites and improvements thereon when specifically approved by the Secretary, and rental of shore facilities for temporary use; in all, not to exceed $2,300,000: Provided, That not to exceed 4 per centum of the amount of this limitation shall be available for administrative expenses in connection therewith, including personal services at the seat of government; Retired pay, former Lighthouse Service, Coast Guard: For retired pay of certain officers and employees entitled thereto by virtue of former employment in the Lighthouse Service engaged in the field service or on vessels of the Coast Guard, except persons continuously employed in district offices and shops, not to exceed $1,000,000. No part of any appropriation or authorization in this Act shall be used to pay any part of the salary or expenses of any person whose salary or expenses are prohibited from being paid from any appropria- tion or authorization in any other Act. The Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation is authorized and directed to make a study of the enforcement of the internal- revenue laws with a view to ascertaining the numbers of deputy col- lectors, revenue agents, and other personnel, who should be employed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue in order to insure the maximum 60 Stat. 810 . 5U.8.0. 15a. Rations and provi- sions. 69 Stat. 662; 60 Stat. 56. 31U.S. a. § 222g, 222h. Coast Guard Acad- emy, contingencies. Payment of re- wards. Aircraft on hand, restriction. Pot, p. 702. Administrative ex- penses. Payment of salary, etc., restriction. Study by Joint Committeeon Internal Revenue Taxation. 227