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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 186-JULY 1, 1947 net return to the United States from taxes imposed by such laws, and to report the results of such study to the Senate and the House of Representatives on or before January 3, 1948, such report to be filed with the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate if the Congress is not in session on the date of filing thereof. Citation of title. This title may be cited as the "Treasury Department Appropriation Act, 1948". TITLE II-POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT Post Office Depart- ment Appropriation Act, 1948. Ante, pp. 118 , 187, 188; post, pp . 245, 361, 608, 609, 701, 702. The following sums are appropriated in conformity with 5 United States Code 361, 380; 39 United States Code 786, for the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1948, namely: POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OFFICE OF THE POSTMASTER GENERAL Salaries: For the Postmaster General and other personal services in the office of the Postmaster General in the District of Columbia, including a health program for the Department in Washington as 60statM. authorized by the Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658), $375,000. LAIES IN BREAU AND OCES SALARIES IN BUREAUS AND OFFICES For personal services in the District of Columbia in bureaus and offices of the Post Office Department in not to exceed the following amounts, respectively: Office of Budget and Administrative Planning, $59,500. Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General, $1,115,000. Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, $910,000. Office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General, $1,332,500. Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General, $712,500. Office of the Solicitor for the Post Office Department, $250,000. Office of the chief inspector, $400,000. Office of the purchasing agent, $83,800. Bureau of Accounts, $500,000. CONTINGENT EXPENSES, POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT For necessary, contingent and miscellaneous expenses not otherwise provided for; purchase of one passenger motor vehicle (not exceeding $3,000); purchase and exchange of lawbooks and books of reference; newspapers; and travel expenses of the purchasing agent and of the Solicitor and attorneys connected with his office, not exceeding $1,900; $145,000. Post, p. 701. For printing and binding for the Post Office Department and Postal Service, $1,600,000. Field-service appro- Appropriations hereinafter made for the field service of the Post priations, restriction ,nue. Office Department, except as otherwise provided, shall not be expended for any of the purposes hereinbefore provided for on account of the Travelexpenses Post Office Department in the District of Columbia: Provided, That necessary expenses of officials and employees of the Post Office Depart- ment and Postal Service, when traveling on official business, may be paid from the appropriations for the service in connection with which xamination ofesti- the travel is performed: Providedfurther, That appropriations here- lates. inafter made, except such as are exclusively for payment of compensa- tion, shall be available for expenses in connection with the examination of estimates for appropriations in the field including per diem allow- ances in lieu of actual expenses of subsistence. Pot, p. 701. p n 228 [61 STAT.