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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 186-JULY 1, 1947 FIELD SERVICE, POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE POSTMASTER GENERAL Travel expenses, Postmaster General and Assistant Postmasters General: For travel and miscellaneous expenses in the Postal Service, offices of the Postmaster General and Assistant Postmasters General, $3,000. Damage claims: For the payment of claims for damages to persons or property occurring in the fiscal year 1948, or in prior fiscal years, determined and settled pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act, approved August 2, 1946 (Public Law 601), and in accordance with the provisions of the Deficiency Appropriation Act, approved June 16, 1921 (5 U. S. C. 392), as amended by the Act approved June 22, 1934 (31 U. S . C . 224c), $230,000. Adjusted losses and contingencies: To pay to postmasters, Navy mail clerks, and assistant Navy mail clerks, Coast Guard mail clerks, assistant Coast Guard mail clerks, Army mail clerks, and assistant Army mail clerks, or credit them with the amount ascertained to have been lost or destroyed during the fiscal year 1948, or prior fiscal years, through unavoidable casualty resulting from no fault or negligence on their part, as authorized by the Act approved March 17 1882, as amended by the Act approved December 7, 1945 (39 U. S. C . 49), $75,000. OFFICE OF CHIEF INSPECTOR Salaries of inspectors: For salaries of fifteen inspectors in charge of divisions and eight hundred inspectors, $4,300,000. Travel and miscellaneous expenses: For necessary travel and miscellaneous expenses incurred in the operation of the Post Office Inspection Service, not to exceed $27,600 for chemical and other investigations, and not to exceed $500 for books of reference, $960,000. Clerks: For compensation of not exceeding three hundred and eighty-nine clerks in the Post Office Inspection Service, $1,178,000. Payment of rewards: For payment of rewards for the detection, arrest, and conviction of post-office burglars, robbers, highway mail robbers, and persons mailing or causing to be mailed any bomb, infernal machine, or mechanical, chemical, or other device or composition which may ignite, or explode, fiscal year 1948 and prior years, $55,000: Provided, That rewards may be paid in the discretion of the Post- master General, when an offender of the classes mentioned was killed in the act of committing the crime or in resisting lawful arrest: Provided further, That no part of this sum shall be used to pay any rewards at rates in excess of those specified in Post Office Department Order 28673, dated July 28, 1945: Provided further, That of the amount herein appropriated not to exceed $20,000 may be expended in the discretion of the Postmaster General, for the purpose of securing information concerning violations of the postal laws and for services and information looking toward the apprehension of criminals. OFFICE OF THE FIRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL Compensation to postmasters: For compensation to postmasters, including compensation as postmaster to persons who, pending the designation of an acting postmaster, assume and perform the duties of postmaster in the event of a vacancy in the office of postmaster of the third or fourth class, and for allowances for rent, light, fuel, and equipment to postmasters of the fourth class, $87,470,000. Compensation to assistant postmasters: For compensation to assist- ant postmasters at first- and second-class post offices, $12,800,000. 229 60 Stat. 842 . 28 U. 8. C. §§921, 922, 931-934, 941-946. Post,p. 722. 42 Stat. 63; 48 Stat. 1207. Post, p. 701. 22 Stat. 29; 59 Stat. 603. Post, p. 453 Chemical, etc. , in- vestigations. P. O . Inspection Service. Death of offender. Limitation. Securing of Informa- tion.