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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/310

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 211-JULY 9, 1947 BInaern ation a I clause, $191,017; for the International Boundary Commission, United sion, U . s. and Can- States and Canada and Alaska, under the terms of the treaty between ada and Alaska. the United States and Great Britain in respect to Canada, signed February 24, 1925 (44 Stat. 2102), including the completion of such remaining work as may be required under the award of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal and existing treaties between the United States and Great Britain; commutation of subsistence to employees while on field duty not to exceed $4 per day each, but not to exceed $3 per day each when a member of a field party and subsisting in camp; hire of freight and passenger motor vehicles from temporary field employees; and for payment for timber necessarily cut in keeping entersnationaFish- the boundary line clear, $57,700; for the share of the United States of the expenses of the International Fisheries Commission under the convention between the United States and Canada, concluded January IntrcSaonial Pac- 29, 1937 (50 Stat. 1351), $30,000; for the share of the United States commission. of the expenses of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commis- sion, under the convention between the United States and Canada, con- cluded May 26, 1930 (50 Stat. 1355), including the purchase of four passenger automobiles, $99,500, in all, $415,417, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of State. Cooperation with the American Republics: For expenses necessary to enable the Secretary of State to meet the obligations of the United States under the Convention for the Promotion of Inter-American Cultural Relations between the United States and the other American 51 Stat. 178. Republics, signed at Buenos Aires, December 23, 1936, and to carry out the purposes of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the President to render closer and more effective the relationship between the Amer- 53 Stat. 1290. ican Republics", approved August 9, 1939 (22 U. S . C. 501), and to supplement appropriations available for carrying out other provisions Experimeont and of law authorizing related activities, including the establishment and demonstration sta- tions. operation of agricultural and other experiment and demonstration stations in other American countries, on land acquired by gift or lease for the duration of the experiments and demonstrations, and con- struction of necessary buildings thereon; such expenses to include Printing and bind- personal services in the District of Columbia; not to exceed $150,000 for printing and binding; temporary services as authorized by section 0 Sstar.10,. 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600); not to exceed $5,000 for entertainment; not to exceed $5,000 for expenses of attendance at meetings or conventions of societies and associations concerned with the furtherance of the purposes hereof; and, under such regulations as the Secretary of State may prescribe, tuition, compensation, allow- ances and enrollment, laboratory, insurance, and other fees incident Traveling expenses. to training, including traveling expenses in the United States and abroad in accordance with the Standardized Government Travel Regu- u.St . t 82. lations and the Act of June 3, 1926, as amended, of educational, pro- fessional, and artistic leaders, and professors, students, internes, and persons possessing special scientific or other technical qualifications, who are citizens of the United States or the other American Republics; remanortatin s o and the actual expenses of preparing and transporting to their former homes the remains of such persons, not United States Government employees, who may die while away from their homes under the Transportation ex- authority of this appropriation: Provied, That the Secretary of State is authorized under such regulations as he may adopt, to pay the actual transportation expenses and not to exceed $10 per diem in lieu of subsistence and other expenses, of citizens of the other American Republics while traveling in the Western Hemisphere, without regard to the Standardized Government Travel Regulations, and to make advances of funds notwithstanding section 3648 of the Revised Statutes 286 [61 STAT.