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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/311

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61 STAT.] 80rH CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 211-JULY 9, 1947 as amended by the Act of August 2, 1946, Public Law 600; traveling 0stat. s expenses of members of advisory committees in accordance with sec- tion 2 of said Act of August 9, 1939; hire of passenger motor 3Stat. 1 vehicles; rental of boats, $3,900,000; and the Secretary of State, Transfer or such official as he may designate is hereby authorized, in his discretion, and, subject to the approval of the President, to transfer from this appropriation to other departments, agencies, and inde- pendent establishments of the Government for expenditure in the United States and in the other American Republics any part of this amount for direct expenditure by such department or independent establishment for the purposes of this appropriation and any such expenditures may be made under the specific authority herein con- tamed or under the authority governing the activities of the depart- ment, agency, or independent establishment to which amounts are transferred: Provided further, That this appropriation shall be avail- insint able to make contracts with, and grants of money or property to, nonprofit institutions in the United States and the other American Republics, including the distribution of materials and other services in the fields of education and travel, arts and sciences, publications, the radio, the press, and the cinema. Philippine rehabilitation: For expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of title III and V of the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 0 U. 31 1946 (Public Law 370, hereinafter called the Act), without regard, § 178s-1791, outside the United States, to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, as 41 vU.. c . amended, including personal services in the District of Columbia, and employment of personnel outside the continental United States with- out regard to civil-service and classification laws; temporary services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law VuUs..cstc 600); purchase of nine and hire of passenger motor vehicles; hire, maintenance, operation, and repair of aircraft; purchase of health Traiees. and accident insurance for trainees (for whom such benefits are not otherwise allowed) while in the United States in pursuance of training programs; actual expenses of preparing and transporting to their former homes the remains of trainees who may die while away from such homes under the authority of this Act; advances of funds to trainees, such advancements to be deducted from allowances due to such trainees; not to exceed $35,500 for a health-service program as authorized by the Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658); not to exceed $1,100 for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of handling penalty mail as required by the Act of June 28, 1944; 58stat.394 printing and binding without regard to section 11 of the Act of March 321h. 1, 1919 (44 U. S . C. 111); expenses of attendance at meetings of organ- Pinting a izations concerned with the furtherance of the purposes hereof; com- "n4 Stat. 12 pilation, printing, and distribution, in the Philippine Islands or the United States, of charts, reports, and publications pertaining to the various programs set forth in the Act; acquisition of sites for the construction of additional buildings, and furnishing and equipping of buildings acquired or constructed, under section 501 of the Act; and 0st. 140. acquisition of quarters in the Philippines to house employees of the 1801. United States Government, including military personnel, by purchase, tr 5q'uisitio rental (without regard to section 322 of the Act of June 30, 1932, as amended (40 U. S . C. 278a)), lease, or construction and necessary 47 Stat. 412. repairs and alterations to and maintenance of such quarters; amounts as follows: (a) For carrying out the provisions of sections 302, 303, 50 U. S. 304, and 305 of title III of the Act, $40,286,150; and (b) for carrying 1782- ' 785 . 60 Stat. 137- out sections 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, and 311 of said title II, $2,213,850; 50 U. s . 4 in all, $42,500,000, to be available on July 1, 1947, and to remain avail- i 786-i171 . able until June 30, 1950: Provided,That no part of this appropriation Restrctions 287 0. . 529. 90. . §502. Iffunds. nonprofit i, 140. C. app. 1801. 1. I5a. S55a. 150. . § 321e- id bind- 0. C. app. of quar- 136. 140. C. app.