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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 211-JULY 9, 1947 General administration, Bureau of the Census: For expenses neces- sary for general administration, including temporary employees at rates to be fixed by the Director of the Census without regard to the U42 Stat. 148 . 1 Classification Act; purchase (for replacement only) of two passenger ,eq. motor vehicles; purchase, construction, repair, and rental of tabulating machines and other mechanical or electrical equipment, tabulating cards, and continuous form tabulating paper; $1,240,000. sePat ofgovernnt. The foregoing appropriations "Seventeenth Decennial Census" and "Census of Manufactures" shall be available for personal services at the seat of government and for personal services by contract or other- 42 Sat. wise at rates to be fixed by the Director of the Census without regard to 2 U. S . c. e61 d the Classification Act, and funds from said appropriations for adminis-

  • eq.

trative expenses may' be transferred to the appropriation "General Administration, Bureau of the Census." CIVIL AERONATTICS ADMINISTRATION Pos, p. 19. Salaries and expenses: For necessary expenses of the Civil Aero- nautics Administration in carrying out the provisions of the Civil 49U.sC.40 AeAeronautics Act of 1938, as amended (49 U. S. C. 401), incident to the teq. enforcement of safety regulations; maintenance and operation of air navigation facilities and air traffic control; furnishing advisory service to States and other public and private agencies in connection with the peration - construction or improvement of airports and landing areas; including tenane of aift. - personal services in the District of Columbia; the operation and main- tenance of two hundred and twenty-six aircraft; contract stenographic Motor vehi reporting services; fees and mileage of expert and other witnesses; pur- chase of three hundred and twenty-five and hire of passenger motor vehicles; purchase and repair of skis and snowshoes; and salaries and traveling expenses of employees detailed to attend courses of training Traerof airt, conducted by the Government or other agencies serving aviation; etc. of , $72,923,248, and the War and Navy Departments are authorized to transfer to the Civil Aeronautics Administration without charge air- craft, aircraft engines, parts, flight equipment, and hangar, line, and Crediting o ds shop equipment surplus to the needs of such Departments: Provided, from states, etc. That there may be credited to this appropriation, funds received from States, counties, municipalities, and other public authorities for expenses incurred in the maintenance and operation of airport traffic control towers. Post,p. 619 . Establishment of air-navigation facilities: For the acquisition and establishment by contract or purchase and hire of air-navigation facil- ities, including the equipment of additional civil airways for day and night flying; the construction of additional necessary lighting, radio, and other signaling and communicating structures and apparatus; the alteration and modernization of existing air-navigation facilities; the acquisition of the necessary sites by lease or grant; the construction and furnishing of quarters and related accommodations for officers and employees of the Civil Aeronautics Administration and the Weather Bureau stationed at remote localities not on foreign soil where such accommodations are not otherwise available; personal services in the District of Columbia; and hire of passenger motor vehicles; $11,109,066: Afailability of Provided, That the appropriation under this head for the fiscal year 60 Stat. 466 . 1947 is hereby consolidated with and made a part of this appropriation to be disbursed and accounted for as one fund and to remain available t-npsy until June 30, 1948: Proided further That not to exceed $200,000 of this appropriation shall be available for emergency repair and replacement of facilities damaged by fire, flood, or storm, not to exceed $125,000 may be transferred to the appropriation "Salaries and expenses, Civil Aeronautical Administration," for necessary expenses in connection with the transportation by air to and from and within 296 [61 STAT.