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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 211-JULY 9, 1947 the Territories and possessions of the United States of materials and equipment secured under this appropriation, and not to exceed $280,000 may be transferred to the appropriation "Salaries and expenses, Civil Aeronautics Administration," for necessary adminis- trative costs; and the War and Navy Departments are authorized during the fiscal year 1948, to transfer without charge, subject to the approval of the Bureau of the Budget, air navigation and communica- tion facilities, including appurtenances thereto, to the Civil Aero- nautics Administration. Technical development: For expenses necessary in carrying out the provisions of the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938, as amended (49 U. S . C. 401), relative to such developmental work and service testing as tends to the creation of improved air-navigation facilities, includ- ing landing areas, aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances, personnel, and operation methods, and personal services in the District of Columbia; acquisition of necessary sites by lease or grant; purchase of two passenger motor vehicles and operation and maintenance of five aircraft; $1,600,000. Maintenance and operation, Washington National Airport: For expenses incident to the care, operation, maintenance, and protection of the Washington National Airport, including not to exceed $2,900 for the purchase, cleaning, and repair of uniforms, and not to exceed $124,900 for the installation of runway lighting, repairs to existing paving, and to pave parking lot, $1,102,500; and the War and Navy Departments are authorized to transfer to the Administrator without payment therefor a heavy duty fire-crash truck, crane, and such other equipment as is commonly used in ground operation at airports for use of the Washington National Airport. Federal-aid airport program, Federal Airport Act: For carrying out the provisions of the Federal Airport Act of May 13, 1946 (except section 5 (a)), $32,500,000, to be available until June 30, 1953, of which $29,000,000 shall be for projects in the States in accordance with sections 5 (b) and 6 of said Act, and $1,662,500 shall be for projects in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico in accordance with section 5 (c) : Provided, That not to exceed $1,837,500 of the said $32,500,000 shall be available as one fund for necessary planning, research, and administrative expenses; including personal services in the District of Columbia; the purchase of fifteen and hire of passenger motor vehicles; of which $1,837,500 not to exceed $176,000 may be transferred to the "Salaries and expenses, Civil Aeronautics Administration", to provide for necessary administrative expenses, including the maintenance and operation of aircraft, and $26,000 may be transferred to the appro- priation "Printing and binding, Department of Commerce": Provided further That the appropriation under this head for the fiscal year 1947 is hereby merged with this appropriation. CIVIL AERONAUTICS BOARD Civil Aeronautics Board, salaries and expenses: For necessary expenses of the Civil Aeronautics Board, including personal services in the District of Columbia; contract stenographic reporting services; employment of temporary guards on a contract or fee basis without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, as amended; salaries and traveling expenses of employees detailed to attend courses of training conducted by the Government or industries serving aviation: expenses of examination of estimates of appropriations in the field: not to exceed $7,500 for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury, for cost of penalty mail; purchase of one passenger motor vehicle and hire, operation, maintenance, and repair of motor vehicles and air- craft; $3,000,000. Printing and binding: For printing and binding, $40,000. 297 Transfer of facilities from War and Navy Departments. 52 Stat. 973. 49U. S.C. § 401 et seq. Washington Na- tional Airport. 60 Stat. 170, 172. 49 U. S. C. §1101- 1119. 60 Stat. 172 . 49U. S .C . §§1104(b), 1105. 49 U.S . C.§1104(c). Planning, research, etc. Transfer of funds. 60 Stat. 465 41U.S.C.§5. Repair of motor ve- hicles and aircraft.