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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 257, 258-JULY 16, 1947 Approval of design, etc. Time limitation. July 16, 1947 [H. R . 3737] [Public Law 195] District of Colum- bia Revenue Act of 1947. Post, p. 331. Post, p. 331. Post, p. 334 Post, p. 335. Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Committee to erect a memorial fountain on public grounds in the vicinity of the intersection of Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, in the District of Columbia, such grounds being now owned by the United States: Provided, That the design and location of the memorial shall be approved by the National Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Park and Plan- ning Commission, and the United States shall be put to no expense in or by the erection of this memorial: Provided further, That unless funds, which in the estimation of the Secretary of the Interior are sufficient to insure the completion of the memorial, are certified avail- able, and the erection of this memorial begun within five years from and after the date of passage of this joint resolution, the authorization hereby granted is revoked. Approved July 16, 1947. [CHAPTER 258] AN ACT To provide revenue for the District of Columbia, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act, divided into articles, may be cited as the "District of Columbia Revenue Act of 1947", and that article I of this Act may be cited as the "District of Columbia Income and Franchise Tax Act of 1947". TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE I-INCOME AND FRANCHISE TAX ACT TITLE I-REPEAL OF PRIOB INCOME TAX ACT AND APPLICABILITY OF THIS ARTICLE; GENEBAL DEFINITIONS Sec. 1 . Repeal of prior income tax act and retention of certain provisions thereof. Sec. 2 . Applicability of this article. Sec. 3. Returns under prior income tax act and returns for first taxable year to which this article is applicable. Sec. 4. General definitions. (a) "District"; (b) "( 'omnlssloners"; (c) "Assessor"; (d) "Collector"; (e) "person"; (f) "individual"; (g) "fidnciary"; (h) "trade or business"; (i) "taxpayer"; (j) "fiscal year"; (k) "taxable year"; (1) "capital assets"; (m) "dividend"; (n) "stock"; (o) "shareholder"; (p) "include", "includes", or "including"; (q) "deficiency"; (r) "corporation"; (s) "resident"; (t) "nonresident"; (u) "dependent". TITLE II-EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS TITLE III--Nr INCOME, GROSS INCOME AND EXCLUSIONS THERBFOM, AND DIDUCcTIONs Sec. 1. Net income defined. Sec. 2. Gross income and exclusions therefrom. Sec. 3 . (a) Deductions allowed. (b) Deductions not allowed. 328 [61 STAT.