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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/414

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 268-JULY 18, 1947 GENERAL EXPENSES, MARINE CORPS General expenses, Marine Corps: For all necessary expenses for the authorized work of the Marine Corps, other than as appropriated for under the headings of pay and salaries, as follows: For provisions, subsistence, board, and lodging of enlisted personnel, recruits and recruiting parties, and applicants for enlistment; cash allowance for lodging and subsistence to enlisted personnel traveling on duty; ice, ice machines and their maintenance, $25,000,000; For clothing for enlisted personnel and for civilian clothing, includ- ing an overcoat when necessary, the cost of all not to exceed $30 per person to enlisted personnel given discharges for bad conduct, unde- sirability, unsuitability, or inaptitude, $16,000,000; For fuel, heat, light, and power, including sales to officers, $3,000,000; For military supplies and equipment, including their purchase, repair, preservation, and handling; recreational, school, educational, library, musical, amusement, field sport and gymnasium supplies, equipment, services, and incidental expenses; purchase and marking of prizes for excellence in gunnery and rifle practice, good-conduct badges, medals, and buttons awarded to officers and enlisted personnel by the Government for conspicuous, gallant, and special service; rental and maintenance of target ranges and entrance fees for competi- tions, $14,000,000; For transportation of troops and applicants for enlistment, includ- ing cash in lieu of ferriage and transfers en route; for payment for transportation of general court-martial prisoners; toilet kits for issue to recruits upon their first enlistment and other incidental expenses of the recruiting service; and transportation for dependents of officers and enlisted personnel, $8,500,000. For repairs and improvements to barracks, quarters, and other public buildings at posts and stations; leasing and improvement of buildings at such places as the public exigencies require; and erection of temporary buildings upon approval of the Secretary at a total cost of not to exceed $70,000 during the year; $2,000,000; For forage and stabling of public animals and the authorized number of officers' horses, $30,000; For miscellaneous supplies, material, equipment, personal and other services, and other incidental expenses for the Marine Corps not other- wise provided for; purchase and repair of furniture and fixtures; veterinary services, shoeing, and medicines for public animals and the authorized number of officers' horses; purchase of mounts and horse equipment for all officers below the grade of major required to be mounted; books, newspapers, and periodicals; printing and binding; packing and crating of officers' allowance of baggage; funeral expenses of officers, enlisted personnel, accepted applicants for enlistment, and retired officers on active duty, including transportation of their bodies arms, and wearing apparel from the place of demise to their homes in the United States; construction, operation, and maintenance of laundries; and contribution to the support of schools at Marine Corps posts as authorized by section 13 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 604), $38,000,000. Marine Corps Reserve: For clothing, subsistence, heat, light, trans- portation, and miscellaneous expenses, $3,000,000. In all, general expenses, $109,530,000, to be accounted for as one fund. SHIPBUILDING CONSTRUCTION OF SHIPS Construction of ships: For expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary for the construction and procurement of hulls, machinery, 60 Stat. 854. SU.. c. 421d. 390 [61 STAT.