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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/445

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61 STAT.] 8OTH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 316 --JULY 24, 1947 ocean over which the states of California, Oregon and Washington jointly or separately now have or may hereafter acquire jurisdic- tion. The commission shall, more than one month prior to any regu- lar meeting of the legislative branch in any state signatory hereto, present to the governor of such state its recommendations relating to enactments by the legislative branch of that state in furthering the intents and purposes of this compact. "The commission shall consult with and advise the pertinent administrative agencies in the signatory states with regard to problems connected with the fisheries and recommend the adoption of such regu- lations as it deems advisable and which lie within the jurisdiction of such agencies. "The commission shall have power to recommend to the states signatory hereto the stocking of the waters of such states with marine, shell or anadromous fish or fish eggs or joint stocking by some or all of such states and when two or more of the said states shall jointly stock waters the commission shall act as the coordinating agency for such stocking. "ARTICLE V "The commission shall elect from its number a chairman and a vice chairman and shall appoint and at its pleasure remove or discharge such officers and employes as may be required to carry the provisions of this compact into effect and shall fix and determine their duties, qualifications and compensation. Said commission shall adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business. It may establish and maintain one or more offices for the transaction of its business and may meet at any time or place within the territorial limits of the signatory states but must meet at least once a year. "ARTICLE VI "No action shall be taken by the commission except by the affirmative vote of a majority of the whole number of compacting states repre- sented at any meeting. No recommendation shall be made by the com- mission in regard to any species of fish except by the vote of a majority of the compacting states which have an interest in such species. "ARTICLE VII "The fisheries research agencies of the signatory states shall act in collaboration as the official research agency of the Pacific marine fisheries commission. "An advisory committee to be representative of the commercial fishermen, commercial fishing industry and such other interests of each state as the commission deems advisable shall be established by the commission as soon as practicable for the purpose of advising the commission upon such recommendations as it may desire to make. "ARTICLE VIII "Nothing in this compact shall be construed to limit the powers of any state or to repeal or prevent the enactment of any legislation or the enforcement of any requirement by any state imposing additional conditions and restrictions to conserve its fisheries. "ARTICLE IX "Continued absence of representation or of any representative on the commission from any state party hereto, shall be brought to the attention of the governor thereof. 421 Consultations. Stocking of waters with fish and fish eggs. Organization. Offices. Action taken by commission. State research agen- cies. Advisory commit- tee. Powers of State. Continued absence of representation.