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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/469

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 324 -JULY 25, 1947 Capital outlay, Water Division (payable from water fund): For extension of the District of Columbia water distribution system, laying of such service mains as may be necessary under the assessment system, laying mains in advance of paving and installing fire and public hydrants; for construction of a reinforced concrete roof on the ten- million-gallon reservoir located in Fort Stanton Park; thirty-inch trunk line water main from the vicinity of Eleventh and East Capitol Streets to the vicinity of Seventeenth and East Capitol Streets; thirty- and twenty-inch trunk line water main from the vicinity of Fourth and B Streets Northeast, to the vicinity of Seventeenth and D Streets Southeast; pumping facilities at the Anacostia pumping station; rehabilitation of Bryant Street pumping station, including temporary services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946, Public 60t.stt l 56a. Law 600, $300,000, to remain available until expended, and the Com- missioners are authorized to contract for such rehabilitation at a total cost not to exceed $2,000,000; in all, $1,485,000, which shall be availa- ble for reimbursement to the United States for funds advanced in compliance with section 501 of the Act of October 3, 1944 (55 Stat. 791), 58 SU.t .s app. and of which not to exceed $305,000 for the construction of trunk §167L lines shall remain available until June 30, 1949. Water fund, investment, District of Columbia: The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to sell United States securities now held for and on account of the water fund of the District of Columbia in such amounts as may be certified by the Commissioners as necessary and credit the proceeds of such sale to said water fund. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT Operating expenses (payable from water fund) : For expenses nec- essary for the operation, maintenance, repair, and protection of Wash- ington aqueducts and their accessories, and maintenance of MacArthur Boulevard; including purchase, installation, and maintenance of water meters on Federal services within the District of Columbia; purchase of two passenger motor vehicles; $1,048,000. Capital outlay (payable from water fund): For continuing repair and rehabilitation of McMillan filter plant; continuing new conduit repairs; flocculation equipment for existing Dalecarlla coagulation basins; purchase and installation of meters; completing construction of first unit of new mixing and sedimentation basins for the Dalecarlia filter plant; and the District Engineer, Washington District, Corps of Engineers, is authorized to enter into contract or contracts for the completion of the last above-named project at a total cost of not to exceed $1,158,000; booster pump on third high service from Dalecarlia; advance planning for future capital outlay projects; and for develop- ing increased water supply for the District of Columbia and environs in accordance with House Document 480, Seventy-ninth Congress, second session; and necessary expenses incident thereto; including temporary services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946, Public Law 600; $1,128,000, to continue available until expended: Provided, That the sum of $708,000 of the appropriation for "Capital outlay, Washington Aqueduct", contained in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1947, is rescinded as to the circula- tion facilities in first high and second high reservoirs; a portion of McMillan filter plant improvements; a portion of utility relocations and plant interconnections at Dalecarlia; and the thirty-million- gallon clear-water basin at Dalecarlia (first half) with the accom- panying contract authorization. Nothing herein shall be construed as affecting the superintendence and control of the Secretary of War over the Washington Aqueduct, Ante, p. 244. Maintenance, etc., of aqueducts and accessories. Meters on Federal services. McMillan filter plant, etc. 60 Stat. 810. 5U.S.C.§55a. 60 Stat. 530. 445