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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/487

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61 STAT.] 80m CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 337-JULY 25, 1947 Construction: The funds appropriated for the fiscal year 1947 (Interior Department Appropriation Act, 1947), are hereby continued available during the fiscal year 1948 to meet obligations incurred in contract or contracts duly executed and in force on or before June 30, 1947; for administrative expenses connected therewith; including purchase of five, and hire of passenger motor vehicles; for temporary services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2,1946 (Public Law 600), but at rates not exceeding $35 per diem for individuals; printing and binding; for the purchase or acquisition of necessary lands for rights-of-way and necessary engineering and supervision of the construction under said contracts; and for the construction of nec- essary interconnecting facilities incident to and connected with the construction of the Denison-Norfork transmission line. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Salaries and expenses: For necessary expenses not otherwise pro- vided for in carrying out the provisions of the public land and other laws administered by the Bureau of Land Management, including personal services in the District of Columbia; one clerk authorized by the President to sign land patents; printing and binding, advertis- ing, preparation and production of maps and official plats of survey, and for hearings and other proceedings, $1,175,000: Provided, That not exceeding $91,000 of this appropriation shall be available for expenditure in carrying out the provisions of the Act of June 28, 1934, as amended (43 U. S. C. 8A). Management, protection, and disposal of public lands: For the administration of the public lands and their resources under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management, including their protection, use, maintenance, improvement, development, and dis- posal; the employment of necessary personnel, travel expenses, hear- ings, investigations, examination and classification of lands; prepara- tion of maps and reports; surveys and resurveys of public lands, including fragmentary surveys and such other surveys and examina- tions as may be required; the prevention, presuppression or emergency prevention of fires on or threatening lands under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management; contract reporting services, pur- chase of not to exceed twenty-five passenger motor vehicles; the payment of a salary of $6 per diem while actually employed and for payment of necessary travel expenses, exclusive of subsistence, of members of advisory committees of local stockmen, $35,500; and the maintenance and alteration of necessary buildings; $2,084,640, of which not to exceed $310,000 shall be available for the administration of district land offices, and not exceeding $398,000 for carrying out the provisions of the Act of June 28, 1934, as amended (43 U. S . C . 8A): Provided, That this appropriation shall be available for expenses of warehouse maintenance and the procurement, care, and handling of supplies, materials, and equipment stored therein for distribution to projects under the supervision of the Bureau of Land Management, the cost of such supplies and materials or the value of such equipment (including the cost of transportation and handling) to be reimbursed to the appropriation for "Management, protection, and disposal of public lands, Bureau of Land Management," current at the time additional supplies, materials, or equipment are procured, from the appropriation chargeable with the cost or value of such supplies, materials, or equipment: Provided further, That this appropriation may be expended for surveys of lands other than those under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management and in such cases this appropriation shall be reimbursed from the applicable appro- priation, fund or special deposit. 463 60 Stat. 350. 60 Stat. 810 . 5U.S..C.O a. 48 Stat. 1269. 43 U.S. 0.o. 315- 8150. Post, pp . 790, 791. Port, p . 699. 48 Stat. 1269 . 43U.S.0. §315- 3150. Po(,pp. 70 791. Warehouse mainte- nance, etc. Surveys of lands