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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 16 ___ Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, amendments. AN ACT To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of June 25, 1938, as amended, by providing for the certification of batches of drugs composed wholly or partly of any kind of streptomycin, or any derivative thereof, and for other pur- poses---

--------------------------- -------

17 --- Excise Tax Act of 1947. AN ACT To continue in effect certain war excise tax rates, and for other purposes -------------- 18 --- American Telephone and Telegraph Company, conveyances. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to convey to American Telephone and Telegraph Company an easement for communication purposes in certain lands situated in Virginia and Maryland ------------------------- 19 --- Virginia Electric and Power Company, conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to grant and convey to the Virginia Electric and Power Company a perpetual ease- ment in two strips of land comprising portions of the Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia, and for other purposes---- 20 --- Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1947. AN ACT Making appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies in certain appro- priations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1947, and for other purposes ------------------- _------_--_------------ --- 21 ___ Military personnel, travel allowance accounts. AN ACT To pro- vide for payment and settlement of mileage and other travel allowance accounts of military personnel -------------- ___ 22 -__ Foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest, appropriation. JOINT RESOLUTION Making an appropriation for expenses incident to the control and eradication of foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest --------------- _____ 23 -_- Settlement of Mexican Claims Act, 1942, amendment. JOINT RESOLUTION Amending the Settlement of Mexican Claims Act of 1942 to provide for the consideration of any claim de- cided by the General Claims Commission in which the United States filed a petition for rehearing --------------- - 24 -- Rubber. JOINT RESOLUTION To strengthen the common defense by maintaining an adequate domestic rubber-producing industry ------------ - - - - . 25 -- Deficiency appropriations, 1947. JOINT RESOLUTION Making appropriations to supply deficiencies in certain ap- propriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1947, and for other purposes-------------------__ _ ..--________._. 26 --- Office of Selective Service Records, establishment. AN ACT To establish an Office of Selective Service Records to liquidate the Selective Service System following the termination of its functions on March 31, 1947, and to preserve and service the Selective Service records, and for other purposes------------ 27 -- _ Coast Guard, waiver of compliance with certain laws. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard to waive compliance with the navigation and vessel-inspection laws administered by the Coast Guard - 28 --- Navigation and vessel inspection laws, suspension. AN ACT To provide for the suspension of navigation and vessel inspection laws, as applied to vessels operated by the War Department, upon the termination of title V, Second War Powers Act, 1942, as amended. .. __________ -- -- - -- - - 29 --- First Decontrol Act of 1947. AN ACT To extend certain powers of the President under title III of the Second War Powers Act------ ---- ---


30 -- Sugar Control rtension Act of 1947. JOINT RESOLUTION To extend the powers and authorities under certain statutes with respect to the distribution and pricing of sugar, and for other purposes- -------------- _-- -- -. --- ---.-- -.. 31 --- Boy Scouts of America, loan of War Department equipment for use at World Jamboree. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of War to lend War Department equipment and provide services to the Boy Scouts of America in connection with the World Jamboree of Boy Scouts to be held in France, 1947; and to authorize the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to provide exemption from transportation tax; and further to authorize the Secretary of State to issue passports to bona fide Scouts and Scouters without fee for the application or the issuance of said passports -------------------------. ---- ------ ----- Date Mar. 10, 1947__- Mar. 11, 1947-- Mar. 21, 1947-- Mar. 21, 1947__ Mar. 22, 1947__ Mar. 26, 1947-_ - Mar. 27, 1947__ Mar. 28, 1947_ -- Mar. 29, 1947_-- Mar. 29, 1947-_ - Mar. 31, 1947__ - Mar. 31, 1947- _- Mar. 31, 1947_ - Mar. 31, 1947_- Mar. 31, 1947 -- Apr. 14,1947- _ - 87 vi Page 11 12 13 14 14 23 24 24 24 26 31 33 33 34 35