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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/52

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 25 -MAR . 29, 1947 Administrative Office of the United States Courts: "Salaries". $40,000; EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Executive Mansion and grounds: "Care, maintenance, repair, and alteration", $18,250; Bureau of the Budget: "Salaries and expenses", $350,500; Office for Emergency Management: Office of Defense Transportation: "Salaries and expenses", $62,400; Office of Scientific Research and Development: "Salaries and expenses", $48,800; INDEPENDENT OFFICES Federal Trade Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $281,000; Interstate Commerce Commission: "General expenses", $793,100; "Railroad safety", $56,500; "Locomotive inspection", $52,100; National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: "Salaries and expenses", $1,040,000; National Capital Housing Authority: "Maintenance and opera- tion", $1,550; National Mediation Board: "Salaries and expenses", $16,000; National Railroad Adjustment Board: "Salaries and expenses", $19,000; Panama Railroad Company: "Administrative expenses" (increase of $85,000 in the limitation upon the amount of the corporate funds which may be used for administrative expenses); Railroad Retirement Board: "Salaries", $304,000; "Miscellaneous expenses (other than salaries)", $31,000; Securities and Exchange Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $572,000; Smithsonian Institution: "Salaries and expenses", $180,400; "Salaries and expenses, National Gallery of Art", $101,000; The Tax Court of the United States: "Salaries and expenses", $123,500; Veterans' Administration: "Administration, medical, hospital, and domiciliary services", $48,272,500; FEDERAL WORKS AGENCY Public Buildings Administration: "General administrative expenses", $201,500; "Salaries and expenses, public buildings and grounds in the District of Columbia and adjacent area". $2,996,000: "Salaries and expenses, public buildings and grounds outside the District of Columbia", $1,123,600; POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT (Out of the Postal Revenues) Post Office Department, Washington, District of Columbia: Office of the Postmaster General: "Salaries", $44,700; Salaries in bureaus and offices: "Office of Budget and Administrative Planning", $6,300; 28 [61 STAT.