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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 346 -JULY 29, 1947 NATIONAL HOUSING AGENCY OFFICE OF THE ADMINISTRATOR Veterans' housing: For an additional amount to enable the National Housing Administrator to carry out the purposes of sec- tions 501, 502, and 503 of title V of the Act of October 14, 1940, as amended (42 U. S . C . 1571, 1572, and 1573), $35,500,000, of which not to exceed $700,000 shall be available for administrative expenses, to be available only in accordance with the provisions of section 2 of Public Law 85, Eightieth Congress, approved May 31, 1947: Pro- vided, That any operations or services performed, under a delegation from the National Housing Administrator, by any agency of the Government in carrying out any of the purposes for which said funds are appropriated shall be performed under the direction and supervision of said Administrator. TITLE II The Reconstruction Finance Corporation and its subsidiaries, as hereinafter specified, are hereby authorized to make such expenditures, within the limits of funds and borrowing authority available to said corporation and its subsidiaries and in accord with law and to make such contracts and commitments without regard to fiscal-year limita- tions as provided by section 104 of the Government Corporation Control Act as may be necessary in carrying out the programs set forth in the revision of the budget of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and its subsidiaries for the fiscal year 1948, except as hereinafter provided: Not to exceed $38,754,700 (to be computed on an accrual basis) of the funds of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation shall be available during the fiscal year 1948 for its administrative expenses and the administrative expenses of the Federal National Mortgage Associa- tion and the U. S . Commercial Company; not to exceed $1,500 for periodicals and newspapers; health service program as authorized by Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658); use of the services and facilities of the Federal Reserve banks; and not to exceed $75,000 for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail as required by the Act of June 28; 1944: Provided,That as used herein the term "administrative expenses" shall be construed to include all salaries and wages, services performed on a contract or fee basis, and travel and other expenses, including the purchases of equipment and supplies, of administrative offices: Providedfurther, That the limiting amount heretofore stated for administrative expenses shall be increased by an amount which does not exceed the aggregate cost of salaries, wages, travel, and other expenses of persons employed outside the continental United States; wages, fees, and other expenses, includ- ing cost of contract services, of persons who are exclusively engaged in construction, operation, clearance, maintenance and protection of plants, operating facilities, acquired collateral, and other property in which the Corporation has an interest; the expenses of services per- formed on a contract or fee basis in connection with termination of contracts or in the performance of legal services; and all expenses reimbursable from other Government agencies: Provided further, That the distribution of administrative expenses to the accounts of the Corporation shall be made in accordance with its accounting principles and practices: Providedfurther That none of the funds of the Recon- struction Finance Corporation and the subsidiaries thereof shall be 515 69 Stat. 260. Ante, p. 128; post, p. 575. Ante, p. 128. RFC and subsid- iaries. 59 Stat. 698. 31U. .C.§849. Post, p. 684. Administrative ex- penses. 60 Stat. 903. 5U.S.C. 150. &MStat. 394.

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