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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 356 -JULY 30, 1947 Report to Congress. 24 Stat. 440. 34 Stat. 63 . 43 Stat. 970. 49 Stat. 436. 46 Stat. 571. 46 Stat. 1520. 24 Stat. 440; 34 Stat. 63; 43 Stat. 970; 45 Stat. 571; 46 Stat. 1520; 49 Stat. 1563 . development of the Territorial agricultural experiment station, the availability of such funds to be unaffected by this transfer. The moneys so transferred shall be available for the settlement, in such manner as the Secretary shall direct, of obligations outstanding at the time of the transfer. The Secretary shall report annually to the Appropriations Committees of the Senate and of the House of Repre- sentatives respecting the status and progress of agricultural research in Alaska and the advisability of resumption by the Territory of the operation of the experiment station under the Land Grant College Acts. OFFICE OF EXPERIMENT STATIONS PAYMENTS TO STATES, HAWAII, AND PUERTO RICO For payments to the States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to be paid quarterly in advance, to carry into effect the provisions of the following Acts relating to agricultural experiment stations: Hatch, Adams, Purnell, Bankhead-Jones, and related Acts: Hatch Act, the Act approved March 2, 1887 (7 U. S. C., 362, 363, 365, 368, 377-379), $720,000; Adams Act, the Act approved March 16, 1906 (7 U. S. C . 369), $720,000; Purnell Act, the Act approved February 24, 1925 (7 U. S. C. 361, 366, 370, 371, 373-376, 380, 382), $2,880,000; Bank- head-Jones Act, title I of the Act approved June 29, 1935 (7 U. S. C. 42 7- 4 2 7g), $2,661,268, none of which shall be available for Alaska; Hawaii, the Act approved May 16 1928 (7 U. S . C . 386-386b), extend- ing the benefits of certain Acts of Congress to the Territory of Hawaii $90,000; Puerto Rico, the Act approved March 4, 1931, as amended (7 U. S . C . 386d-386f), extending the benefits of certain Acts of Congress to Puerto Rico, $90,000; in all, payments to States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, $7,161,268. SALARIES AND EXPENSES Administration of grants and coordination of research with States: For necessary expenses, including not to exceed $197,525 for personal services in the District of Columbia, to enforce the provisions of the Acts approved March 2, 1887, March 16 1906, February 24, 1925, May 16, 1928, March 4,1931, and June 20, 1936, and Acts amendatory thereto (7 U. S. C . 361-363, 365-369, 370383, 386, 386d-386f), relative to their administration and for the administration of an agricultural experiment station in Puerto Rico, $211,000; and the Secretary shall prescribe the form of the annual financial statement required under the above Acts, ascertain whether the expenditures are in accordance with their provisions, coordinate the research work of the State agricultural colleges and experiment stations in the lines authorized in said Acts with research of the Department in similar lines, and make report thereon to Congress. Federal Experiment Station, Puerto Rico: For expenses necessary to establish and maintain an agricultural experiment station in Puerto Rico, including the preparation, illustration, and distribution of reports and bulletins, $114,700. BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY SALARIES AND EXPENSES For expenses necessary, including not to exceed $1,059,000 for departmental personal services in the District of Columbia, for carry- ing out the provisions of the Act, as amended, establishing a Bureau 530 [61 STAT.