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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 356-JULY 30, 1947 of Animal Industry, and related Acts, and for investigations con- cerned with the livestock and meat industries and the domestic raising of fur-bearing animals, as follows: Animal husbandry: For investigations and experiments in animal husbandry and animal and poultry feeding and breeding, and for carrying out the purposes of section 101 (b) of the Organic Act of 1944 (7 U. S. C. 429) authorizing cooperation with State authorities in the administration of regulations for the improvement of poultry, poultry products, and hatcheries, $1,305,500. Diseases of animals: For scientific investigations of diseases of animals, and for investigations of tuberculin, serums, antitoxins, and analogous products, $1045,000. Eradicating tuberculosis and Bang's disease: For the control and eradication of the diseases of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis of animals, avian tuberculosis, and Bang's disease of cattle, $6,750,000: Provided, That no part of the money hereby appropriated shall be used in compensating owners of cattle except in cooperation with and supplementary to payments to be made by State, Territory, county, or municipality where condemnation of cattle shall take place, nor shall any payment be made hereunder as compensation for or on account of any such animal if at the time of inspection or test, or at the time of condemnation thereof, it shall belong to or be upon the premises of any person, firm, or corporation to which it has been sold, shipped, or delivered for the purpose of being slaughtered: Provided further, That out of the money hereby appropriated no payment as compen- sation for any cattle condemned for slaughter shall exceed one-third of the difference between the appraised value of such cattle and the value of the salvage thereof; that no payment hereunder shall exceed the amount paid or to be paid by the State, Territory, county, and municipality where the animal shall be condemned; and that in no case shall any payment hereunder be more than $25 for any grade animal or more than $50 for any purebred animal. Inspection and quarantine: For inspection and quarantine work, including the control and eradication of hog cholera and related swine diseases, southern cattle ticks, scabies in sheep and cattle, and dourine in horses, the supervision of the transportation of livestock, the inspec- tion of vessels, the execution of the twenty-eight-hour law the inspec- tion and quarantine of imported animals in accordance with the Act of August 30, 1890 (21 U. S. C. 102) and the Act of July 24, 1946 (Public Law 522), and the inspection work relative to the existence of con- tagious diseases, $1,225,197. Meat inspection: For carrying out the provisions of laws relating to Federal inspection of meat and meat-food products, $5,000,000, for deposit in the Treasury of the United States as a working capital fund, without fiscal year limitation, to be designated as the "Meat inspection fund", which shall be available for all expenses necessary to furnish an adequate and efficient inspection or service, and here- after every person, firm, public agency, or other organization fur- nished inspection or service under said laws, including inspection of meat and meat-food products offered for import or export and the inspection of horse meat and horse-meat products, shall pay the United States therefor in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture and at rates and fees to be fixed by him, which payments, to be deposited in the meat-inspection fund, shall provide full reimbursement for the estimated cost attributable to the furnishing of such inspection or service, including scientific and technical investigations and laboratory services; investigations relating to violations of, and authorized exemptions under, the laws relating to Federal meat inspection; supervisory, administrative, 23 Stat. 31 . 7 U.. C. §§391-394. Post,p. 617 . S8 Stat. 734 . Compensation of cattle owners, restric- tions. Limitation on amount of payment. 26 Stat. 416 . 60 Stat. 633. 21U.S.C. 133. "Meat inspection fund." 531