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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/623

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61 STAT.] 8OTH CONG. , 1 ST SESS.-CH. 359-JULY 30, 1947 of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common car- riers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their locomotives with safe and suitable boilers and appurtenances thereto", as amended (45 U. S. C. 22 -34), including personal services in the District of Columbia, $605,000. Printing and binding: For all printing and binding for the Inter- state Commerce Commission, including not to exceed $17,000 to print and furnish to the States, at cost, blank annual report forms of com- mon carriers, $200,000. Penalty mail costs: For deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail of the Interstate Commerce Commission as required by section 2 of the Act of June 28, 1944 (Public Law 364), $30,000. NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR AERONAUTICS For necessary expenses of the Committee, including contracts, with- out regard to section 3709, Revised Statutes, as amended, for the mak- ing of special investigations and reports and for engineering and drafting services; traveling expenses of members and for examina- tion of estimates of appropriations and activities in the field; equip- ment, maintenance, and operation of the Langley Memorial Aeronau- tical Laboratory, the Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, and the Flight Propulsion Research Laboratory at Cleveland, Ohio; purchase and maintenance of cafeteria equipment; purchase of one (not to exceed $15,000) and maintenance and operation of aircraft; purchase of eleven passenger motor vehicles of which nine shall be for replace- ment; not to exceed $492,000 for personal services in the District of Columbia, including one Director of Aeronautical Research at not to exceed $10,000 per annum and $2,000 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; not to exceed $6,500 for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail by the Act of June 28, 1944; not to exceed $10,000 for temporary or inter- mittent services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600), at not to exceed $35 (unless a higher rate, not exceeding $50, shall be approved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget) per diem for individuals; including $3,000 for claims deter- mined and settled pursuant to part 2 of the Federal Tort Claims Act; and a health service program for employees as authorized by the Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658); in all, $33,490,000: Provided, That statutory provisions prohibiting the payment of compensation to aliens shall not apply to any person whose employment by the Com- mittee shall be determined by the Chairman thereof to be necessary: Provided further, That aircraft and parts, equipment, and supplies may be transferred to the Committee by the Army and Navy without reimbursement. For printing and binding, $80,000. For construction and equipment at laboratories and research sta- tions of the Committee, $2,400,000, to be available until June 30, 1948: Provided,That in addition to said appropriation the Committee may, prior to July 1, 1948, enter into contracts for the same purpose to an amount not in excess of $2,143,000. Construction, Langley Field, Virginia: For an additional amount for "Construction, Langley Field, Virginia", $5,805,000, which amount shall be available immediately. Construction, Cleveland, Ohio: For an additional amount for "Con- struction, Cleveland, Ohio", $1,674,000, which amount shall be avail- able immediately. 599 36 Stat. 913. Ante, p. 120. 68 Stat. 394. 39U.S. . § 321d. Salaries and ex- penses. 41 U.S.C. 5. Aeronautical oratories. lab- Director of Aero- nautical Research. 58 Stat. 394. 39 U. S. C. §§321c- 32lh. Ante, p. 450. 60 Stat. 810. 5 U.S. C.§I a. 60 Stat. 84:3. 28 U. S. C. §§921, 922. 6f Stat. 903. 5 U.S. C. 150. Compensation to aliens. Transf of equip- ment, etc. Construction and equipment.