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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 359--JULY 30, 1947 sections 336, 337, and 338 of the Tariff Act of 1930, wherein he or any member of his family has any special, direct, and pecuniary interest, or in which he has acted as attorney or special representative. For printing and binding, $20,000. THE TAX COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Salaries and expenses: For necessary expenses, including contract stenographic reporting services, $754,700, of which not to exceed $675 shall be available for deposit in the Treasury for costs of penalty mail as required by the Act of June 28, 1944: Provided, That travel expenses of the judges shall be paid upon the written certificate of the judge. Printing and binding: For printing and binding, $17,500. UNITED STATES MARITIME COMMISSION The construction fund established by the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, shall be available during the fiscal year 1948 for administrative expenses of the United States Maritime Commission, including per- sonal services at the seat of government; printing and binding; news- papers and periodicals, not to exceed $2,000; purchase of one passenger motor vehicle at not to exceed $1,500: Provided, That the following limitations shall apply to obligations from such fund: Personal services, $8,000,000; Administrative expenses, other than personal services, $795,000; New ship construction, and not exceeding $15,000,000 for recondi- tioning and betterment, fiscal years 1947 and 1948, $99,000,000; Reconversion of vessels, $100,000: Provided, That the Commission may make allowances to purchasers of vessels for cost of putting such vessels in class, such allowances to be determined on the basis of competitive bids, without regard to the provisions of the last paragraph of section 3 (d) of the Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946; Maintenance of shipyard facilities, $800,000; Operation of warehouses, $849,180; Operating-differential subsidies, $10,000,000; Reserve fleet expense, $10,000,000; Maintenance and operation of terminals, $561,000; Miscellaneous expenses, $500,000; Cost of penalty mail as required by the Act of June 28, 1944, for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury, $60,000; Entertainment of officials of other countries when specifically authorized by the Chairman, $1,125; Services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600), $18,750. Funds available to the Commission shall be available for payment of claims under part 2 of the Federal Tort Claims Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 601). Except as hereinbefore provided no obligation shall be incurred against such construction fund during the fiscal year 1948 and the expenditures from such fund during'the fiscal year 1948 shall not exceed $208,206,774. The balance of such fund in addition to such amount of $208,206,774, as of June 30, 1947, shall be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the Treasury. All receipts which otherwise would be deposited to the credit of such construction fund during the fiscal year 1948 shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. 603 46 Stat. 701. 19U. .0. §1336- 1338. 58 Stat. 394. 39U.S.C. §321c- 321h. Ante, p 460. Post, p. 697. 49 Stat. 1987. 46U. S. 0. 1116. Limitations. 60 8tat. 41. I 173(d). Pot, p. 697. 5r Stat. 394. 39U.8.C.I321c- 321h. Ante, p. 450. 60 Stat. 810 . 5U.8.C.. 65a. 60 Stat. 843. 28 U. 8. C. §I921, 922.