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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 38-APR . 16 , 1947 who possess such physical and other qualifications as may be pre- scribed by the Secretary of War: Provided, That female officers appointed pursuant to the Act of June 22, 1944, and honorably sepa- rated from the service thereafter may, if otherwise qualified, be appointed in the appropriate section of the Officers' Reserve Corps established hereby in the highest grade satisfactorily held by her in active service. SEC. 117 . In addition to the obligation to render active service now or hereafter provided with respect to other members of the Officers' Reserve Corps a member of those sections established in the Officers' Reserve Corps by this title may, with her consent, be called to active duty by the Secretary of War for any period or periods of time according to the needs of the Military Establishment, as determined by the Secretary of War. TITLE II NAVY NURSE CORPS SEC. 201. A Nurse Corps, which shall be a component part of the Medical Department of the Navy, is hereby created and established as a Staff Corps of the United States Navy. The Navy Nurse Corps shall consist of officers commissioned in the grade of nurse by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and such officers shall have the rank of commander, lieutenant commander, lieutenant, lieutenant (junior grade), or ensign: Provided, That the total number of officers in the permanent rank of commander and lieu- tenant commander shall not exceed seven-tenths per centum and one and six-tenths per centum, respectively, of the total number of officers permanently commissioned in the Navy Nurse Corps and serving on active duty. The total authorized number of officers of the Nurse Corps shall be six for each thousand of the authorized number of officers, midshipmen, and enlisted personnel of the active list of the Regrular Navy and Regular Marine Corps. SEC. 202. There shall be a Director of the Nurse Corps appointed by the Secretary of the Navy, upon the recommendation of the Surgeon General of the Navy, from among the officers of the active list of the Nurse Corps of the permanent grade or rank of lieutenant com- mander or above for a term of not more than four years, to serve at the pleasure of the Secreta ry of the Navy. While so serving the Director shall have the rank of captain, shall be entitled to the pay and allowances as are now or may be hereafter prescribed by law for a captain of the Navy, and her regular status as a com- missioned officer of the Nurse Corps shall not be disturbed by reason of such appointment. SEC. 203. All members of the active list of the existing Nurse Corps of the Regular Navy, who, on the effective date of this Act, are serving in a temporary rank authorized by present law, may, during a period of not more than six months after enactment of this Act, be transferred to the Nurse Corps created by this Act, and, upon transfer, shall be appointed for temporary service pursuant to, and subject to the limitations of, the Act of July 24, 1941 (55 Stat. 603), as now or hereafter amended, to the same rank and with the same precedence held by them on the date of such transfer, and for the purposes of such appointments under the said Act, such members of the Nurse Corps shall be considered to be commissioned officers in the Regular Navy. Nurses so transferred, who at the 47 Officers separated from service. 58 Stat. 324. §§1591-1598. Call to active duty. Post, p. 882 . Members; rank. Limitation. Authorized ber. num- Director of Nurse Corps. Rank, pay, etc. Transfers for tem- porary service. Post, p. 882 . 34 U. S. C. §C350- 350i. Post, p. 312 . Accrued leave.