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738 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 459-AUG. 4 , 1947 [61 STAT. pursuant to section 204 of this Act in accordance with the provisions 60 Uta. i. §405a of section 12 of the Act of August 13, 1946 (Public Law 729, Seventy- pop. 88o. ninth Congress): Provided, That any officer whose commission is so eappointment. revoked and who at the time of his appointment under section 204 of this Act held permanent status as a commissioned warrant or warrant officer may be reappointed by the President without examination to such permanent status with the same lineal position and other rights and benefits which he would have had or would have attained in due course had he not been appointed in the Medical Service Corps. liomand in the SEC. 207. No officer of the Medical Service Corps shall be entitled Pot,p. 881 . to command in the line or any other staff corps of the Navy, nor shall any such officer suffer reduction in the pay and allowances to which entitled by virtue of his permanent status by reason of appointment in the Medical Service Corps established by this title. s, p.881. SEC. 208. All laws now existing or hereafter enacted relating to the various staff corps of the Navy shall be construed to include the Medical Service Corps, unless otherwise provided in this Act. Regulations. SEC. 209. The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to pre- o, p. 881. scribe the necessary regulations to carry out the provisions of this title. TITLE III THE HOSPITAL CORPS OF THE NAVY SEC. 301 (a) The first paragraph under the heading "Hospital Corps," page 572, volume 39, of the Statutes at Large (Act of August 29, 1916), as amended by the Act of April 18, 1946 (Public Law 347, 0 Stat. 95 Seventy-ninth Congress, second session), is hereby further amended to read as follows: Authorizedstrength. "Hereafter the authorized strength of the Hospital Corps of the Navy shall equal 31/2 per centum of the authorized enlisted strength of the Navy and Marine Corps. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized, in his discretion, to establish such grades and ratings in the Hospital Corps as he may deem necessary in the proper administration Eligibility for trans- of such corps: Provided,That enlisted men of other ratings in the Navy and in the Marine Corps shall be eligible for transfer to the Hospital Corps, and men of that corps to other ratings in the Navy and the Marine Corps." a39Stat 572. (b) The second paragraph under such heading is hereby amended to read as follows: wAppointmen of "The Secretary of the Navy may hereafter appoint as many warrant officers in the Hospital Corps, as may be deemed necessary, from the rating of chief petty officer or petty officer, first class, in the Hospital Qualifications. Corps: Provided, That no person shall be appointed pursuant hereto until he shall have established his mental, moral, physical, and pro- fessional qualifications to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Navy: loa; p and al- Providedfurther,That the warrant officers now in the Hospital Corps of the United States Navy or hereafter appointed therein in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall have the same rank, pay, and allowances as are now or may hereafter be allowed other warrant officers." Regulations. SEC. 302. The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to prescribe the regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this title and no person shall suffer any reduction in grade or rate, or in pay or allowances, by reason of the requirements of this title or of the regu- lations provided pursuant thereto. Approved August 4, 1947.