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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/996

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INDEX Army-Continued Page Prosecutions, time limitations on, date of termination of war in interpreta- tion of provisions of Act of June 4, 1920-------------------------- 454 Publications, restriction on pay of Army personnel connected with certain-- 553 Quartermaster Service- Appropriation for ---------------- 555 Appropriation rescission ----------- 573 Referee in bankruptcy, appointment, eligibility of retired personnel and members of Reserve components - 213 Remains of certain persons buried out- side U. S., permanent interment outside U. S., or evacuation and return------------------------ 779 Remount Service, appropriation for, transfer of funds in event of transfer of Service ------------------ 702, 703 Rental allowances, occupancy of Gov- ernment facilities under Military Establishment------------------ 572 Retired personnel- Referee in bankruptcy, eligibility for appointment----------------- 213 Veterans' organizations, presentation of claims to Veterans Adminis- tration, representation of ------ 716 Selective Service Records, Office of, as- signment to without loss of status- 32 Service, etc., periods, extension of, date of termination of war in interpreta- tion of provision of Act of Dec. 13, 1941 ---------------- --------- 452 Signal Service- Appropriation for ---------------- 558 Appropriation rescission ----------- 573 Special Service Schools, appropriation rescissions-------------------- 573 Supplies, ordnance, orders for, date of termination of war in interpretation of Revised Statutes 1166 --------- 452 Surplus supplies and equipment, issu- ance to National Guard---------- 564 Taxes- Admissions tax exemption, termina- tion date------------------- Allowance against gross income, ter- mination date--------------- Income-tax deferments for personnel on sea duty or outside United States, termination date ------- Income taxes, abatement upon death; credit or refund of overpayment- Transportation tax exemption, termi- nation date----------------- Withholding at source on wages----- 919 918 918 778, 918 919 918 Army-Continued Temporary appointments in Army of United States, repeal of Act of Sep- tember 22, 1941; effective date; cer- tain men who completed course of medical instruction; effective date- Transportation Service- Appropriation for----------------- Appropriation rescission - ------- Travel allowance accounts, military per- sonnel, provision for payment and settlement ------------------- Turkey, detail of members in advisory capacity---------------------- Veterans. See separatetitle. Veterinary Corps; examination for pro- motion, discontinuance, repeal of Act of November 29, 1940------ War offenses, date of termination of war in interpretation of provisions of Act of June 4, 1920 ------------ Army, Department of the. See also Army; War Department. Civil functions, appropriation for gov- ernment and relief in occupied areas -----------------------. Establishment, etc. See National Secu- rity Act of 1947. Army and Navy Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark., appropriation for- - -------- Army and Navy Munitions Board, Joint, termination; transfer of records and personnel to Munitions Board ---- Army Medical Library and Museum, appropriation for------------------ Army-Navy Medical Services Corps Act of 1947 ---------------------------- Anlendlents ------------------- Army Medical Service Corps- Chief and Assistant Chiefs------- Establishment; composition; strength, etc------------------------ Medical Administrative Corps, aboli- tion ---... .-- --- -- -- -..... Original appointments; appointments from sources other than Army- Pharmacy Corps, Regular Army, abo- lition, transfer of officers to Medi- cal Service Corps --------- Promotion to permanent grades of commissioned officers of Medical Service Corps, Regular Army_- - Temporary appointments or commis- sions, certain persons in Army of United States, transfer to Medi- cal Service Corps, Regular Army- Navy, Hospital Corps- Authorized strength; eligibility of en- listed men for transfer -------- Page 451 558 573 23 103 449 452 943 561 506 560 734 881 735 734 736 735 736 735 736 738 XV