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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 787-OCT. 29, 1949 60 Stat. 843; 62 Stat. 1008. 28 U. S. C., Supp. 11, S2672. Ante, pp. 62,106. Transfer of funds and functions. Special duty in for- eign countries. Participation by National Guard, etc. Rental of land, etc. 31U.S.C. 529. 67 Stat. 372. 60 Stat. 843; 62 Stat. 1008. 28 U. 8. C., Supp. ,i672. Ante, pp. 62, 10 U. S . C . 2672); and not to exceed $50,000 for emergency and extraordi- nary expenses, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of Defense for such purposes as he deems proper, and his determination thereon shall be final and conclusive; $11,450,000: Provided, That, during the current fiscal year, whenever under authority of law, any function or activity is transferred or assigned from the Departments of the Army, Navy, or Air Force to an agency for which funds are provided under this appropriation, such amounts as may be approved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget may be transferred to this appropriation from the current appropriation or appropriations available to those Departments for the function or activity so transferred. RETIRED PAY Retired Pay, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force: For pay, as authorized by law and not otherwise provided for, of military personnel on the retired lists of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and the Air Force, $180,000,000. TITLE III-DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMII CONTINGENCIES OF THE ARMY For emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising in the Depart- ment of the Army or any of its subordinate bureaus or offices in the District of Columbia, or in the Army at large, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, including personal services; the actual and necessary expenses or per diem in lieu thereof, as may be determined and approved by the Secretary of the Army, of military and civilian personnel in and under the Department of the Army on special duty in foreign countries; and for examination of estimates of appropri- ations and of military activities in the field, to be expended on the approval or authority of the Secretary of the Army, and for such purposes as he may deem proper, and his determination thereon shall e final and conclusive upon the accounting officers of the Government and payments from this appropriation may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Army, be made on his certificate that the expenditures were necessary for confidential military purposes; $44,168,700. GENERAL STAFF CORPS FIELD EXERCISES For expenses required for the conduct of special field exercises, including participation therein by the National Guard and the Organ- ized Reserves, and including pay and travel of temporary employees and officers and enlisted men of the National Guard and the Organized Reserves, not otherwise provided for, allowances for enlisted men for quarters and rations, troop movements and travel of personnel of the Regular Army, in connection with special field exercises, including special combat training for small units, movement of materiel, main- tenance and operation of structures and utilities, rental of land or purchase of options to rent land without reference to section 3648, Revised Statutes, use or repair of private property, and any other requisite supplies and services, and for settlement of claims resulting from such exercises, under the provisions of the Act of July 3, 1943 (31 U. S . C . 223b), as amended, and under section 403 of the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U. S. C. 2672), $6,000,000. 988 [63 STAT.