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Indians—Continued. ^^^® Tongue River Reservation electric line, authority for reimbursable contract 253 Tribal funds, availability, advances, etc 254 Ute Indians, use of tribal funds, per capita payments; apportionment of t r u s t fund, etc 193 Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pa., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d., 337 Information and Editorial Functions, restriction on use of funds for personnel engaged in 189, 248, 266, 291, 759, 767 Civil Service Commission, nonapplicability to certain personnel 747 Exemptions 759 Federal Register, nonapplicability to__ 747 Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, U. S., appropriation for carrying out activities under 580 Inland Waterways Corporation: Availability of funds 289 Compensation of employees, limitation. 289 Operating personnel, exemption from restriction on filling vacancies 764 Insect Investigations and Control, appropriation for 230 Insect Pest Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 230, 231 Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, Federal, appropriation for effecting provisions 239 Institute of Inter-American Affairs Act, appropriation for assistance under, authorized 377 Appropriation for 731 Reduction in contract authorization 755 Insurance: Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, availability of funds.. 288 Government life, renewal of five-year level-premium-term policies, authority 151 Insurance Act of 1951. See separate title. Military and naval, appropriation for__ 281 Mortgage Insurance. See under Housing. National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940. See separate title. Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of 1951 W a r risk and certain aviation and liability insurance, provision by Secretary of Commerce, authority. War-risk insurance revolving fund, transfer of funds to Insurance Act of 1951 Appropriation to revolving fund, authorized


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INDEX Insurance Act of 1951—Continued. ^'^^^ Disabled persons, certain, granting of insurance to 36 National service life insurance— Issuance restrictions 36 Waiver of premiums for persons in active service 37 Post-service insurance 37 Restoration of rights to insurance for certain persons formerly ineligible. 38 U. S. Government life insurance— Issuance restrictions 36 Waiver of premiums for persons in active service 36 Insurance Companies, income tax. See Income tax under Taxes. Inter-American Affairs, Institute of: Appropriation authorized 377 Appropriation for 113, 731 Inter-American Highway, appropriation for 591,592 Inter-American Relations. See American Republics. Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, appropriation for 579 Interior, Department of the: AlaskaAdministration, etc., appropriation for 262 Reduction 755 Reclamation investigations, appropriation for 255 Alaska Railroad, appropriation for.. 58, 263 Aliens, emergency employment of 264 American Sanioa, transfer of Navy Department property for use in administration of 265 Appropriation Act 248 Appropriation for 58, 111, 1 4 9, 2 4 8, 7 4 1, 7 5 1, 7 6 1 Reduction 755 Beltrami Wildlife M a n a g e m e n t Area, exchange of lands, authority of Secretary 602 Bonneville Power Administration— Appropriation for 50, 250 Construction work by force account or on hired-labor basis, funds available 250 Boulder Canyon project, All-American Canal System, Coachella division, limitation on funds for 258 Chauffeurs, restriction on use of funds for 266 Connally H o t Oil Act, appropriation for effecting provisions of 248 Contract authorizations, unobligated, rescission 265 Defense production activities, appropriation for 751