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XXXIX C H A P T E R 605.—UNITED STATES NAVAL P O S T G R A D U A T E SCHOOL Sec. 7041. 7042. 7043. 7044. 7045. 7046. 7047.

Function Superintendent; assistants Academic Dean Civilian teachers: number; compensation Officers of Army, Air Force, and Coast G u a r d: admission Officers of foreign countries: admission Conferring of degrees on g r a d u a t e s

I'ase 437 437 437 437 437 438 438

C H A P T E R 607.—RETIREMENT OF CIVILIAN M E M B E R S O F THE TEACHING S T A F F S O F THE UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY AND UNITED STATES NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Sec. 7081. Civilian m e m b e r; definition; exceptions 7082. Deferred annuity policy required 7083. Annuity premium to be paid by monthly installments; government reimbursement 7084. Age of retirement 7085. Computation of life annuity 7086. Physical disability retirement 7087. Election of annuity for self and beneficiary 7088. Regulations

438 439 439 439 439 439 440 441

PAKT IV. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION C H A P T E R 631.—SECRETARY O F THE NAVY: MISCELLANEOUS P O W E R S AND D U T I E S Sec. 7201. Guided missiles: research and development, procurement, and construction 442 7202. Emergency and e x t r a o r d i n a r y expenses 442 7203. Scientific investigation and research 442 7204. Schools near naval activities: financial a i d; transportation of dependents 442 7205. Promotion of health and prevention of accidents 443 7206. Minor construction and extension of s t r u c t u r e s 443 7207. Administration of liberated and occupied a r e a s 443 7208. Latin American cooperacion 443 7209. R e w a r d s for recovery of missing n a v a l property 444 7210. Purchase of patents, patent applications, and licenses 444 7211. Attendance at meetings of technical, professional, or scientific organizations 444 7212. Employment of outside architects and engineers 444 7213. Relief of contractors and their employees from losses by enemy action 445 7214. Apprehension of deserters and prisoners; operation of shore p a t r o l s 445 7215. Naval prisons, prison farms, and prisoners 445 7216. Collection, preservation, and display of captured flags 445 7217. Annual report to Congress: appropriations 445 7218. Recognition for accomplishments, special service, and good conduct445 7219. Leases of waterfront property from States o r municipalities 446 7220. Gifts for welfare of enlisted members 446 7221. Acceptance and care of gifts to vessels 446