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XL C H A P T E R 631.—SECRETARY O F THE NAVY: MISCELLANEOUS P O W E R S AND DUTIES—Continued Sec. Page 7222. Office of Naval Records and History gift fund 446 7223. Acquisition of land for radio stations and for other purposes 447 7224. Transportation on naval vessels during w a r t i m e 447 7225. Naval Reserve flag 447 7226. Naval Reserve yacht pennant 447 7227. Foreign naval vessels: supplies and services 447 7228. Merchant vessels: supplies 448 7229. Purchase of fuel 448 C H A P T E R 633.—NAVAL VESSELS Sec. 7291. 7292. 7293. 7294. 7295. 7296. 7297. 7298. 7299. 7300. 7301. 7302. 7303. 7304. 7305. 7306. 7307. 7308.

Classification Naming Number in service in time of peace Suspension of construction in case of t r e a t y Vessels: under-age Appropriations: available for other purposes Changing category or t y p e: limitations Conversion of combatants and auxiliaries Contracts: aplication of Public Contracts Act Contracts for construction: profit limitation Bids on construction: estimates required Construction on Pacific Coast Model basin; investigation of hull designs

Examination by b o a r d: unfit vessel stricken from Naval Vessel Register Sale of vessel stricken from Naval Vessel Register Use for experimental purposes Restriction on disposal Transfer or gift of obsolete, condemned, or captured vessels

448 448 449 449 449 449 449 449 449 450 450 451 451 451 451 452 452 453

C H A P T E R 635.—NAVAL A I R C R A F T Sec. 7341. Airplanes and lighter-than-air c r a f t: authorized number 7342. Percentage required to be constructed or manufactured in United States plants 7343. Manufacture in United States plants under certain circumstances 7344. Suspension of construction in case of t r e a t y

453 454 454 454

C H A P T E R 637.—SALVAGE F A C I L I T I E S Sec. 7361. 7362. 7363. 7364. 7365. 7366. 7367.

Naval salvage facilities: contracts for commercial facilities Commercial use of naval facilities Transfer of equipment: contract provisions Advancement of funds for salvage operations Settlement of claims Limitation on appropriations Disposition of receipts

455 455 455 455 456 456 456

C H A P T E R 639.—HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE AND NAVAL OBSERVATORY Sec. 7391. Hydrographic Office: establishment and duties 456 7392. Hydrographic Office: maps, charts, and books 456 7393. Hydrographic Office: pilot charts 456 7394. Price of maps, charts, and nautical books 457 7395. Naval Observatory: administration 457 7396. Naval Observatory: exchange of information with foreign offices 457