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418 (1) a board of officers convened at his request by an authority designated by the Secretary recommends the release and the recommendation is approved; (2) the member does not request that a board be convened; or (3) his release is otherwise authorized by law. This subsection does not apply during a period of demobilization or reduction in strength of the Navy or the Marine Corps. § 6487.

Retired r e a r a d m i r a l s: retired p a y after two year s of active duty Each officer holding a permanent appointment in the grade of rear admiral on the retired list who is entitled to the pay of the lower half of that grade, and who, in time of war or national emergency, serves satisfactorily on active duty for two years in that grade or in a higher grade, is thereafter entitled, when on inactive duty, to retired pay equal to 75 percent of the basic pay of a rear admiral in the upper half of that grade. § 6488. Wartime appointments or promotions: retention of grade upon release from active duty (a) A retired member of the Regular Navy or the Regular Marine Corps or a member of— (1) the Naval Reserve; (2) the Marine Corps Reserve; (3) the Fleet Reserve; or (4) the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve; who, while on active duty, is promoted under section 5787 of this title or appointed under section 5597 of this title, is entitled, upon release from that duty, to the highest grade satisfactorily held under such a promotion or appointment as determined by the Secretary of the Navy. (b) If a member covered by subsection (a) is later recalled to active duty, he shall, unless otherwise entitled to a higher grade, be recalled in the grade given him under that subsection.


C521. Allowance to dependents: designation of beneficiary. 6522. Disposition of effects. § 6521. Allowance to dependents: designation of beneficiary (a) If a member of the Regular Navy, the Regular Marine Corps, the Fleet Reserve, or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve dies, while on active duty, from injury or disease not the result of his own misconduct, the Paymaster General, upon official notification of the death, shall immediately pay an amount equal to six months' pay at the late received by the deceased member at the time of his death to the living person highest on the following list:

(t (1) The surviving spouse of the deceased member.

- • ^ 2) The child or children of the deceased member. (3) Any other dependent relative designated by the deceased member.