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419 (4) Any grandchild, parent, brother or sister, or grandparent of the deceased member whom the Secretary of the Navy determines to have been dependent on the deceased member. (b) The determination of the Secretary as to dependency under subsection (a)(4) is conclusive upon the General Accounting Office. (c) If a beneficiary dies before he receives the amount under subsection (a), it shall be paid to the next living beneficiary in the order set forth in that subsection. (d) The Secretary shall prescribe regulations requiring each member having no wife, husband, or child to designate the dependent relative to whom the amount is to be paid upon his death. (e) This section does not apply to a member appointed under section 5599 of this title. (f) Payments under this section shall be made from appropriations available for the pay of members of the Navy or the Marine Corps, ajs appropriate. § 6522. Disposition of effects (a) If money or other personal property of a deceased member of the naval service is in the custody of the Department of the Navy, the Secretary of the Navy shall keep it jn safe custody and make a diligent effort to determine and locate the heirs or next of kin of the deceased member. Property remaining unclaimed two years after the death of the member shall be sold, and the proceeds, together with any of his money held in custody, shall be covered into the Treasury. (b) Within five years after the date the money and proceeds are covered into the Treasury, any claim that is presented therefor supported by competent proof shall be certified to Congress for consideration. (c) The Secretary shall prescribe regulations for the administration of this section.


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Officer Proouretnent Programs United States Naval Academy United States Naval Postgraduate School Retirement of Civilian Members of the Teaching Staffs of the United States Naval Academy and United States Naval Postgraduate School


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CHAPTER 601.—OFFICER PROCUREMENT PROGRAMS Sec. 6901. Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps: administration. 6902.Transfer of graduates of Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps to Regular Navy. 6903. Officer candidate training program: administration; qualifications for enrollment. 6904. Officer candidate training program: members enrolled from Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps; appointment as midshipmen; pay; allowances; commissioning. 6905. Officer candidate training program: members enrolled as naval aviation officer candidates; instruction; pay; allowances. 6906. Officer candidate training program: naval aviation candidates; appointment as midshipmen; flight training; appointment as ensigns. 690T. Officer candidate training program: officers other than naval aviators; retention or transfer to reserve.