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(2) whenever the Academic Board unanimously determines that a midshipman possesses insufficient aptitude to become a commissioned officer in the naval service, (b) A midshipman upon whom a report is made under subsection (a) shall be given an opportunity to examine the report and submit a written statement thereon. If the Secretary believes, on the basis of the report and statement, that the determination of the Superintendent or of the Academic Board is reasonable and well founded, he may discharge the midshipman from the Naval Academy and from the naval service. § 6963. M i d s h i p m e n: discharge for deficiency Midshipmen found deficient at any examination shall, unless the Academic Board recommends otherwise, be discharged from the Naval Academy and from the naval service. § 6964. H a z i n g: definition; prohibition (a) I n this chapter "hazing" means any unauthorized assumption of authority by a midshipman whereby another midshipman suffers or is exposed to any cruelty, indignity, humiliation, hardship, or oppression, or the deprivation or abridgement of any right. (b) The Superintendent of the Naval Academy shall prescribe regulations, to be approved by the Secretary of the Navy, to prevent hazing. (c) Hazing is an offense that may be dealt with as an offense against good order and discipline or as a violation of the regulations of the Naval Academy. However, no midshipman may be dismissed for a single act of hazing except by sentence of a court-martial. (d) The finding and sentence of a court-martial of a midshipman for hazing shall be reviewed in the manner prescribed for general court-martial cases. (e) A midshipman who is sentenced to imprisonment for hazing may not be confined with men who have been convicted of crimes or misdemeanors. (f) A midshipman who is dismissed from the Academy for hazing may not be reappointed as a midshipman or be appointed as a commissioned officer in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps until two years after the graduation of the class of which he was a member. § 6965. F a i l u r e to report violation: dismissal (a) Each officer stationed at the Naval Academy, each midshipman officer, each midshipman petty officer, and each civilian member of the teaching staff of the Academy shall report promptly to the Superintendent of the Naval Academy any fact that tends to show the commission of hazing or any violation of an Academy regulation by a midshipman. (b) An officer of the naval service who fails to make a report required by subsection (a) shall be tried by court-martial and if convicted shall be dismissed from the naval service, (c) A civilian member of the teaching: staff of the Academy who fails to make a report required by subsection (a) shall, wiith the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, be dismissed by the Superintendent.